Monday, September 24, 2012


Dear Mom,
Sorry for not taking your suggestion seriously initally.
"PLAIDS cantik ape Kin."
(Plaids is nice what Kin)
Not only that. I even questioned the choice of fabric.
Me: Linen quite hot leh mom.
I later found out that the fabric: linen, though expensive, is long lasting.

My elder brother, Bah, who is the most obedient to my mom (maybe that's why he's the most successful among us 3) snapped me out of my stubbornness.
When I said, 'Ok lor, Plaids pon plaids la Mom', she went to her sewing room and got going with the jacket-cape pattern she had in mind.
I was amazed when I saw the end product.
Really beautiful. Even E who doesn't usually pass comments agreed that I should sell this beauty.

Nyla was most excited during photoshoot time.
If you must know, my 7 year old babe is usually the photographer.
One: I really don't wanna disturb my photographer friends for a short 30 min shoot.
Two: I just like Nyla's pictures loads.

Besides, Nyla usually gives constructive criticisms.
Nyla: Why you always take picture in the balcony? So boring.
Me: Ok then let's go to the reservoir? Let's?
Nyla: YES!

Never mind that passers-by think that I'm crazy to wear a jacket on a super duper hot day.That and having a kid to shoot me. Funny sight I tell ya. Cartoon abis.

But my photographer got easily distracted during last week's shoot at the reservoir.
What to do? *Pay peanuts, get monkeys lor.* :ppppp

"CLICK CLICK CLICK. Ok Mommy, you wait. I want to collect pebbles and throw into the water."
Cannot scold her la cos wait she threaten me.."YOU SCOLD ME, I DON'T WANT TO TAKE PHOTO AH."

Tough day for me man that day.
Tahan panas...
Tahan marah...

Anyhoos, here are The Excluzif Plaids Jacket-Cape sweethearts.

I hope you like these specially hand sewn with love Excluzif Plaids Jacket Cape babes.
Material: Linen.
$65 each.
Available in Navy Blue, Red, Black.

See you at k.

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