Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bottoms Up matters and errr...Bottom Blast?

PSLE tomorrow! Been looking forward to this week because the kiddos have worked so so hard.
And as usual, I'll be opening my doors at Pandan Gardens to the P6ers for last minute revision today, tomorrow and Monday.
Especially for those whose parents are working.
Rather than being alone at home and get pressured about tomorrow, might as well come to my place and have a revision party!
So if you wanna send your P6 child over, do sms me at 97248866. :)

I was at the dining area printing materials for tuition.Nyla was sitting at the living room playing with Booo.
Nyla: *Sniff Sniffs* Mommy, did you fart?
Me: No.
Nyla: Really smells like your fart seh. 

(LIKE WHAT THE TOOT? Didn't know individuals got unique fart smells?)

Me:What only youuuuuuu?
Nyla: Really. My fart doesn't smell like this.
Me: Oh ya? How does yours smell?
Nyla: Hmmmm. Grape. *BEAMS*


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