Friday, September 21, 2012

Moments with Nyla

I love my before bedtime moments with Nyla.
The things she say/ask sometimes can be pretty hilarious.

Few days back, I witnessed a rather scary incident.
An old nyonya suffered a very bad fall.
I called for the ambulance because the blood just wouldn't stop flowing. I hope she's fine now.

Nyla: Mommy, how many ambulance people were there?
Me: About 4 paramedics.
Nyla: Guys or girls?
Me: All males.
Nyla: Ahhhh... Handsome?
Me: Come on Nyla.
Nyla: I'm just asking what.

I especially like her stories from school.
Her friends are extremely cute I tell ya.

And then we will also chat about random stuff, like the 5 days MC Sore Eyes Girl. lol.
Yeah. Have you watched?

Nyla had a good time laughing at some of the parodies and decided that she'd make one too.

Last part tu tak perlu eh sister.

She's in front of me now, signing the 40 books my teacher gf ordered  for Children's Day gifts.
Thank you Aunty Hus.

I think it's really time for both Nyla and myself to collaborate and write another book.

Wanna know what we intend to write about?
CLUE: That handsome one perching on Nyla's shoulder.

PS: Pre-school/Primary 1/Primary 2 teachers, Children's Day is approaching. If you intend to do a bulk order of The Big Good Wolf/Chickchickaboomz, feel free to email me at 
Special price!

It's Finally Friday!
Those of you who will be attending the story telling session at Civil Service Club Bukit Batok this Sunday, see you allz there!

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  1. She's looking more n more like u! So cute!! :) - mariam