Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mom & Plaids

Just a little update.
All the Chevrons shawls are no longer available for sale.

Thank you very very very much sisters for the support.

Next week, I'll be launching the plaids jacket-cape.
This one is my mom's idea.
She actually sewed the jacket-cape for me specially for the Sydney trip.
If I am currently chevron crazy, my mom is plaid crazy.
Only that she has been into plaids since forever.

The material is linen.

Me: Mom, quite hot leh. Not suitable for sunny Singapore.

Mom: Takpe la. Boleh pakai untuk tengok wayang. Sejuk kan. Linen quality bagos Kin. (It's ok. Can wear to the movies. Cold mah. Linen is good quality.)

Me: Okayyyy...

Mom: Lagi pon mesti ada yang nak pergi holiday, tempat sejuk apa.
(Anyway, sure got people go on holidays, to cold countries.)

While we were chatting about this, my elder brother said, "Kin, just do it. Listen to Mom."

So mom, this launch of the plaids cape jacket, I dedicate to you.
Coming next week girls.

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  1. Very pretty! Such a shame that I already left and am in Europe now. Will really like the cape! :)