Monday, September 17, 2012

Crazy about CHEVRONS

Imee (mommy to FIVE beautiful girls) : Babe, should go for chevrons.
*Shows me the fabric*

I was SO sold and I became crazy about CHEVRONS right away.

We've seen the designs on walls.


Bags too!

SO JAMZ right?
The chevrons just seem so perfect for anything man.

Imee and I are currently in talks about bringing in more Chevron designs to make maxi skirts and dresses.
SQUEALS like a bunch of bimbs!!!

Anyway, I've never spotted anyone donning the Chevrons on their heads.
Polka dots, Floral, Stripes got la.

For now, we'd like to offer you what we have k and what we have are absolutely pretty!
Those of you who have been on a hunt for Chevron Tudungs, look no further.
Your search ends here because we have .....

in the house yo.

Available in 3 colours


RED Merah Mak Ngah (Hehe! Saje aje nak tambah. :p)


Each piece is going for $33.
Measurements: 170cm by 51cm....Material: Non stretchy cotton.

Hijabistas, how?
Come la let's ziggy zaggy together with me!
I have this feeling that the Chevrons will be BOOMZ and the trend will stay for a nong nong time. Classic design that will never go out of style one.
Email me at yo la. Tunggu apa lagi?
Good night everyone!

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