Friday, June 1, 2012

The Excluzif Twinkle Maxi Togas

The moment we have been waiting for is here ma schweet ladies.
Let's welcome my 'Fantastic Four" babies to the Excluzif Maxi Togas collection.
Very suitable for dinner and jemputan functions one. Don't forget Hari Raya too!
(Tapi jangan lupa pakai long sleeved inner bila kunjung mengunjungi ye. :p)

I must thank my mom for always being enthusiastic about my ideas despite the fact that I am nearing 30 years old.
"Ah cantik Kin! Ok besok pagi Mak try jahit eh!"
Every single time, I will never be disappointed.

My gerek geng, The Rebel Pixel brudders, Jali and Aza as well as my Trasformazione Make Up Lady, Tina. *Waves to Aida as well!*
There is this beautiful quote.
"Respect those people who find time for you in their busy schedules BUT really love those people who NEVER LOOK at their schedules when you need them."
The people mentioned above. They are really that kind of people.
A bonus that they are damn funny bunch of easygoing peeps too.

And a million thanks also to Marissa Langton, my stunning model who comes from a background of mixed heritage with Irish and Malay parentage. Told her to go try for the New Paper New Face Competition this year. :)

Ok so here goes peeps. We say a big HELLO to the

Nyla: Going to space huh, mommy?

Usual stuff ladies.
You like what you see, email me.

A piece of The Excluzif TWINKLE Maxi Toga is $88.
Available in 4 colours: Purple, Black, Silver and Gold.

Don't worry whether or not the maxi dress will be too long or too short, too loose or too tight because we will be taking your measurements this time round to make sure it is just nice for you.

See you at!

PS: Happy wedding anniversary to my parents today. 37th year of marriage. Just Wow! Keep the flame burning Mom and Dad. lol.


  1. your dad looks caucasian. is he mixed?

  2. I totally love your toga collection! Its customized.. How long will it take to be ready?