Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nyla's birdie

E has promised his baby girl that he'd buy her a pet bird this Saturday.
Honestly, I am not keen at all.

I've never been a fan of animals since young and I blame this on my mom who'd always pull me away whenever an animal got into my way.
"Eh jangan pegang! GELI!"

I am not icky about insects though. This one, credit must be given to...also my mother.
I grew up watching her slapping newspapers/slippers on cockroaches and lizards so just like her, when faced with roaches/lizards, I is hero.
I am the pest buster in the house. (Rats, different story hor.)

Nyla is mad excited she's been reading and you-tubing about lovebirds and cockatiels.
In fact, E will be enrolling Nyla and her pet bird to 'bonding classes' which will be held every Saturday.

Nyla: Mommy, sorry okay. I think I cannot join your tuition class already. My pet and I must go for tuition together on Saturday. Daddy will be sending me.

Me: Nyla, your tuition is in the morning. This one evening. So you're going for both.

Nyla: Oh. I am going to be so stressed! (Drama mau lebih)

We are right now in the process of naming the bird.
Instead of randomly coming up with names, I directed her to the "Muslim Baby Names" website. Teringat zaman nak namakan dia 'Nyla'...

Her reply was:
Nyla: Why am I here mommy?
Nura: Oh when I was pregnant with you, I went to this website to make sure your name sounds nice and has a good meaning.
Nyla: I am not getting a baby sister. I am getting a pet. Can my pet not have human names?"

Okayyyy...point taken.

So, we googled 'Cute Pet Names' instead.
She has shortlisted a few. Here they are.

I am extremely tickled by her 4th one because I can already imagine myself and E calling Nyla's bird....."PONDAN" :p

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