Monday, February 6, 2012

Knot anymore

As you can see from the picture above, baby Nyla had very little hair.
And those little fine hairs you see on that head of hers looked super duper ultra straight then.

Then slowly, 'waves' appeared....

And I was convinced that she'll grow up having wavy hair...loose curls just like her mommy. (and her stunning Tok Mummy.)
See my hair when I was about 2 years old last time. Also terjuntai kind..
That's my Yayi carrying me. The most patient and nicest man ever.

And then the waves got a lil tighter.....

And we all said hello to a head of 'springs'!!!
Dari mana ni dapat rambut kerintingz semacams????

Nyla's look every morning.

Now that she has started primary school, Nyla finds it a chore to wash her hair, wait for it to dry, go through a rather rigorous combing process no thanks to her tangled tresses and finally the ikat rambot part. She HATES having her hair tied. Regardless whether it is a simple ponytail/pigtails or fancy schmancy plaits. She doesn't care.

The past week, she pleaded with me, "Mommyyyyy, please cut my hair."
Me: Sooooo sayang seh Nyla. Your hair is long!
Nyla: Hair will grow whaatttttt mommyyyyyyy. Look at yours. Last time you look like a boy. Now you look like a girl again. (Thanks eh Nyla. -_-)

And with that I promised her that her wish is my command.
Heart a bit pain la because all these years, I was managing her hair well but I must allow Nyla to express herself:
choosing books in the library (Never mind that her books will surely be about hamsters/cats!)...choosing what to wear (She's a leggings freak!)....and now, choosing which hairstyle suits her best.

Anyway, Nyla's hair definitely requires a different kind of care.
With her, I used lots of conditioner and detangler cream.
So, she must go to someone who really knows how to cut and style all kinds of hair.

No need to look far for this kind of super hairstylist la ah.
He handled my bangs....
And later on, my ultra short hair.
Both times, FTW kind of feel for me!

So last Saturday, Mr E and I brought our girl to GLITZ HAIRWORKZ where Abang Sam is based at.

See that smile on my girl's face?
Can you feel her excitement? She has been looking forward to this moment for quite a long time man!

Mommy pon nak enter frame. Jangan marah haaaa. :p


You want a guranteed nice hair make over babesies/hunkies?
Really don't have to look no further.

TripleOne Somerset #02-19/20)
Look for SAM yo for a guranteed awesome hair makeover.

Abang Sam has done wonders to my hair pre-hijab days and now, he has another satisfied 6 year old customer.
Nyla's review:

For appointment, do call or SMS SAM at 90258774.
He is super friendly/ funny/ approachable, I assure you. :)
Don't forget to mention "NURA J BLOG" so you can enjoy 20% off okay :)

Abang Sam, thank you for letting my gerek readers enjoy this privilege.
And, thank you even more for doing your magic on my daughter's hair.
She's loving it loads!

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