Monday, January 23, 2012

The Excluzif Twinkle Scarves

Another Saturday very well spent with Tina.
Because I am also tight with my tuition schedule, Tina always tells me to leave the concept of my Excluzif apparels' photoshoot to her.
So, the past photoshoots were all planned by Tina whom you know by now is not only a make up artiste but a choreographer...stylist...etc.

Tina, I am very blessed to have crossed paths with you sister.
Thank you to Jali for this. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have met Tina.

Yesterday, Tina was like a headless chicken running around. So busy.

Tina briefing my photo-brudders Jali, Aza and Franco.

Man, I am bursting with excitement as I'm typing this.

I am very happy to have met with an inspiring young lady by the name of Farah.
She is the Founder of Saffanah ( over at Facebook and she just launched a blog meant to inspire ladies out there to make the 'hijrah'. May Allah bless niatnya yang baik. :)
Thank you Farah for your precious time.

Last Saturday, we had a bukan calang calang orang punya model to join us in our shootout.
Her name is Leah Johnson.

Tina: Ok guys, Leah is from Project Runway Australia.
The Boys: We also whaaaaat. We from Project RUNAWAY.

Very lame my brudders, I know but love them anyway.

The moment Leah stepped in, all of us just stared and stared and stared at her.
Ma Shaa Allah, she is so beautiful.
And then we found out that she used to be in Australia's Next Top Model!

Thank you Tina for styling Leah in The Excluzif Scarves and our navy blue Maxi Toga!
Mwaah Mwaah Mwaaah!

Ok my namemaster, Nyla has decided to do away with 'Glitter'.
She has renamed them as The Excluzif Twinkle Scarves.

We even came up with a song.
*Do sing along to the tune of 'Twinkle Twinkle Star' okay!

Okay my hijabellas, the moment you all have been waiting for.
I present you The Excluzif Twinkle Scarves yo.

My mom and I discussed and we have mutually agreed that these Excluzif Twinkle Scarves come in 2 'shapes':

-1)the rectangular long shawl type

-2)the square type

So when you email me at to place an order, do state whether you want your 'Twinkle' to be a rectangle or a square okay babes! :)
A piece is just $25.

Happy considering which Twinkle to order ladies.
See you at my mailbox. :)

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