Thursday, February 23, 2012

Congratulations Nyla!

A few weeks ago, Nyla came home and told us,
"Mdm Goh asked me whether I want to become a mometer you know'''."

2 things here.
Either her Mdm Goh asked her to bring a THERMOMETER or she wanted to appoint Nyla as the class MONITOR.

Clarified with Nyla and she said,"Oh ya. Monitor. That sounds righter."

"More right, Nyla." I replied.

E and I were happy but not too over the moon type la.
Kids sometimes anyhow say what.

Then today, as she alighted from her school bus, I spotted something shiny pinned under her name tag. She beamed when she noticed me gasp.
"I told you! You and daddy don't believe me!!!"
And she ran to the playground with her friends right after that.
I felt a little bad for not taking her too seriously peviously when she broke the news.
She wasn't kidding la.

While watching her play, of course proud momma here mass- whatsapped loved ones to share the good news that Nyla is officially a class monitor. Chiltern House mommies, thank you too for sharing the joy! And Desiree, congratulations on being the class monitress too!

My mother's reaction was the most dramatic. (As usual)
"Syukur Alhamdullilah. Penat mak jahit baju harini semua hilang! Nanti Mak nak sujud syukur."
(eh eh mudder, last time when I was a prefect, you bo layan me leh!)

Then shortly after, Nyla's fan number 2 called.
Papa J: Tell Nyla tomorrow evening we go for ice cream okay. Don't need to shower. I want to see her in uniform wearing the monitor badge.

Funny how when I was in primary school, these leadership roles such as monitor and prefect were highly sought after. Wait...correction...the ties and the badges were the ones I was after. Once I got hold of the prefect duty list and timetable, life started going downhill. Damn depressing can? You do duty and then you watch your friends play catching. Bleargh. Heh! Those were the dulu days.

Anyway, being a former teacher, I have always enjoyed the process of appointing children as monitors, prefects, group leaders. (Nowadays, many opportunities for children to become 'leaders'.)
Most of the times we choose these children because they are well behaved, reliable, responsible and helpful. However there were also instances when I chose the rebellious, notorious ones as group leaders for them to step up.

Whatever it is, I hope Nyla was chosen because she possesses the positive qualities.

Dear Nyla, I hope you enjoy your stint as the class monitress together with your other classmate, class monitor Kosei.
May the both of you be positive role models to your other classmates and be reliable 'right hand men' to your beloved Mdm Goh.

And Nyla, I hope you will never abuse your power.

1) You must be fair to all your classmates. When you catch someone making noise, you write his/her name on the whiteboard..even though if that classmate comes from your own group.

Her response: AIYA, like that Mdm Goh will erase one smiley face from my group leh! (Too bad!)

2) You must be auto and always offer help to Mdm Goh.

Her response: Like Bibik Juma? (Alamak.)

3) You must pay attention in class and complete your homework.

Her response: Yes yes yes. This one not only monitors must do. All my other friends too. Duh. (That "duh" very unnecessary can? Last warning ah.)

Okay whatever it is, CONGRATULATIONS Nyla on being the class monitress of Primary 1E.
We are all very proud of you.
Enjoy! :)


  1. Congrats, Nyla!! Carry out your duties with pride and yet remain humble.

  2. hi, out of curiosity, which school does she go to?

  3. Congrats Nyla!! Cute seh..

  4. She is so cute