Thursday, January 12, 2012


If you think wearing a hijab limits a woman’s options in terms of wardrobe, aisey, you are so wrong man.
Hijab-wear is no longer the boring mak- mak jubah type k.
Funny how wearing the hijab has made me less resistant to trying out different types of clothes.

The fusion of fashion and hijab. Beautiful stuff.
I strongly believe that modest dressing should not necessarily be plain and dull.
Not supposed to make you look sloppy and unstylish.
Besides, we must all dress up to feel more confident and appear presentable.

I have been very fortunate the past month with sponsorships of beautiful, stylish and modest clothes. (plus scarves!)

With regards to my wardrobe's latest additions, I must express my gratitude to a group of 4 ladies.
Let's call them Fantastic Four. (They truly are!)
They are sisters.
Sisters in law to be exact and they have combined their powers to set up SAYRAH HIJAB SHOP.

  • Sulastri has the passion and dedication for entrepreneurship, always exploring and embracing good networking opportunities, here and globally. She tackles everyday challenges of that of a busy working woman and a business partner. Also a mother to two active young children, she understands the need for Sayrah fuss-free pieces that can be assembled in a jiffy on weekday mornings!
  • Sheikha is our resident design buff. Not a novice juggler, she's due to complete her business degree from London School of Economics next year, whilst blogging for Sayrah since conception! An active constituency member in school, she spearheads and facilitates dakwah projects. Passionate about the community welfare, she hopes one day to touch many lives, especially the Muslim population through the empowerment of beautiful & strong Muslim women of the new age as well as tackling the worldwide problem of income disparity between the rich and the poor.
  • Aishah Haroon, a chartered marketer with over 13 years building solid client relationships in leading advertising agencies, brings business savvy, marketing aptitude and the phenomenal juggling ability of a successful working mom to Sayrah.
  • Aishah Sheikh Ali, has 7 years of experience in corporate communications, training and events management which involves interacting and building rapport with many customers from diverse background. She believes that good customer service is the lifeblood of any business and pays closest heed to address Sayrah’s customers’ needs promptly.

  • "ALL our clothes are designed by us personally, we pick our fabric, so fret not, we’ll pick what WE want to wear TOO! Comfort, chic, stylish but clean-cut and modest. Insya Allah........
    Modest is good, beautifully modest is our key goal!

    Saaaapppppp. Steady bom pi pi la sisters! Hehehe!

    Let me show you a few pieces of their collection...
    These admirable ladies really pay close attention to those fine details which they know need to be covered - from selecting materials that are fine, fluid and yet not too sheer or see-through, to designing cuts that do flatter but not at all revealing.

    Embracing the lace trend with this stunning one-piece dress, featuring a ribbon-style waist belt and multi-tiered skirt, SOPHIA ANGELIC LONG DRESS is a great addition to your wardrobe!

    Be a trendsetter in this layered skirt made of bamboo fibre.
    With its hypoallergenic and antibacterial benefits , bamboo fibre is one of the softest fabric on planet. You will love the way it feels!

    The above TRISYA POCKETED LONG SKIRT is in my wardrobe now!
    I tell you the material is so softtttttttttt. Comfy gilz. Stylish gilz.

    I would also like to bring to your attention SAYRAH's Aliya pleated shawls which come in SEVEN colours.
    Undoubtedly a must-have staple, basic in every hijabi's wardrobe!
    Ultra reliable, versatile and easy to match with any outfits.
    Easily worn for work, school or at play as it drapes and sits nicely too.

    Mine is milk brown cos must matching- matching with my TRISYA skirt mah. :)

    And as you can see, I'm not the only one pleased with SAYRAH's clothings and accessories.

    My many thanks to Nora for make up and styling and Brudders Jali and Aza for photography. (Blog entry on Nora coming soon by the way. She's a 'Hijab Styling' expert yo. So sesiapa yang nak tunang...kahwin, wait japs eh. This Nora can turn you into a hijabella one.)

    Time to BOOKMARK these sites.

    You may embark on your shopping spree at SAYRAH HIJAB SHOP HERE!

    If you like to surf blogs, then SAYRAH'S blog should be one to bookmark. Click HERE.

    Follow SAYRAH HERE on Twitter!

    Check out the Sayrah Facebook Page, LIKE their page and you get a special promo code that entitles you to goodies with purchase which are:
    FREE exclusive Sayrah non-woven Shopper Bag & 10% OFF!

    (WHILE STOCKS LAST yeeee! :p)

    Happy clicking away .....Happy reading SAYRAH'S blog...Happy following them on Twitter ...Happy Shopping at SAYRAH HIJAB SHOP....
    Happy being Stylo Mylo yet modest yo! :)


    1. Thanks for sharing looking to shop shop buy buy...

    2. seriously, ure like 10x 100000x more beautiful in hijab kak Nura J!!!!! masyallah such a beauty. ure my inspiration! insyallah one day ill don a hijab too. =)))

    3. Salam Kak Nura, may I know where did you get the 2-tone inner from?