Friday, January 13, 2012

Getaway.. (NOT gateway!)

Short getaways... (Not gateway hor. I've seen so many people spell getaway as gateway la!)

Getaway becomes Gateway.
Congrats becomes Congrates.
Very the wrong.

Ok back to getaway!

Just you and your spouse....Both of you holding hands...Putting arms around each other...Smiling at each other...Sharing conversations...Intimacy.


Ok sorry to burst the bubble but....
In reality, one of you (as in either the wife or the husband) will surely say this one when you ask your partner this question.

"Honey, wanna go for getaway?'

"Aiya, if go, then who to look after the kids? Don't wanna burden Mom and Dad la. Poor thing also la the kids. I'll miss them!" (This one usually I say.)

"How to finish work man if go for getaway?! Time is precious you know oi! No time la!" (Mr E will be guilty of this.)

"Sayang seh. The money we can save leh." (Both of us. But usually Mr E la. lol! :p)

And then it gets hard to do and placed low on our priority list. :(

E and I are entering our 8th year of marriage this year.
We have been on numerous family vacations but the last time we enjoyed a just- the- two- of us vacation was in July 2008. I can't remember the exact date but that Saturday is still very vivid in both our minds.
E's good friend, Zach, invited us to his birthday celebration at Johor Bahru and booked a hotel room for us.
That night was just very amazing.
E and I were so relaxed, our couple-ness renewed by that one night away from the everydayness of 'home' life, that time devoted to total rest and relaxation and focused on just us.

I am going to be very honest here.
The past years, as much as we shared aplenty wonderful moments, menyampah moments pon ada jugak beb.
What to do?
Both of us get burned out on our jobs...parenting duties....get snapped at each other la.
What?! You all actually think marriage is easy peasy lemon squeazy?!
Marriage is hard work hor.

I am very thankful to be given this opportunity to blog about an upcoming Couples Retreat event organised by PROWISE specially for couples who have been married for 10 years or less. It made both E and I 'wake up' and realise that we have been so immersed in our jobs lately. Time to take a break but instead of a kit kat, we go for a short getaway. :p

Great ain't it?
$155 for a couple. (Your husband pay $77.50, you pay $77.50 la. BOTH must invest! Baru fair and square.)
2 days 1 night at PULAI SPRINGS RESORT (5 star yo!)
Meals included.
Planned activities with the purpose of rekindling your romance.
Totally worth it man!

By the way, the purpose of going for a getaway, in my opinion, is not to save your repair your cracks etc.
No, no, no.

Going for getaways must be seen as fun and exciting thing to do! Baru ada uuummmppph!
It is a time for you to NOT, repair.
Should your marriage have cracks, I recommend marriage counseling before you go on a vacation with your spouse. Settle your unresolved issues first.

I wanna share a Chinese proverb:
"He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left."

May you and your spouse come back from Pulai Springs all recharged and re-energised and most importantly, your love more intense.
Have fun!

Who knows on the morning of 4th February, you might see this couple below on the same coach as you? :p

Really at ONLY $155, it’s worth all the hassle, time and expense.
Consider this as an important investment in your marriage.

Do call Haslinda at 9 127 6163 if you're interested or email her at
Limited spaces available people.
Closing date to register is 31 January 2012.

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