Thursday, January 19, 2012


There are some people who are born beautiful with a slim face, big eyes with long dark lashes, small sharp nose, flawless skin - the works. The rest of us, however, aren't so lucky. So some of us wallow in self-pity everyday and wonder why life is so unfair. Some resort to paying tons of money for plastic surgery.

Some of us ARE MUCH SMARTER and learn to PUT ON MAKEUP :)

-Noraziana Mohd, Makeup Artist (the hijabella in the middle)
Nama glamer dia Nora Zee. :p

Also Tina's close friend and a former cheecher like me, this woman is so bubbly she lights up the whole room. Great sense of humour aside, when it comes to work, man, she is serious. Tina also looks up to Nora Zee because she is always updated with the latest make up products and techniques. Few weeks back, she tried a few hijab looks on me.

Number 1 (Don't mind the pictures of the food ya. While we were busy, Tina was also cooking up a storm in my kitchen. Damn delish. Those 2 men snapping away are my brudders, Jali and Azhar.)

Number 2

Number 3
Many of you are very interested with the dual inner. This one is Norazee's trademark dears. Do ask her how she does this k!

Number 4
Turban style.
Thanks mom for the pweety pweens Maxi Toga!

Number 5
Favourite look.
So sesuai for those getting engaged or married. :)

Here is a message from Nora Zee:

I am a makeup junkie and not ashamed of it.

I LOVE, more than anything else I do, to help make women more beautiful, in and outside.

I have made many women beautiful and feel SUPER confident on their big day.

YOU, too, can be beautiful and confident. All you gotta do is send me a message!

If you want to learn makeup, YOUR SEARCH ENDS HERE! I can conduct makeup lessons for you AT THE TIME AND PLACE OF YOUR CONVENIENCE :)

Okay girlies, the moment you all have been waiting for.


Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
Add this funny lass HERE on Facebook.
If you require her services, do email her at (Email address stop it eh. Last warning.)

Okay, still at the topic of hijabs.
It has only been more than a month and already, my wardrobe is bursting with so many scarves.
Mom: Terok ah dekni. Aku berpuluh puluh tahun pakai tudung, takda sebanyak macam kau Kin.

Even though I have aplenty, I find it difficult to find scarves that are age appropriately glamorous. You know what I mean?
The jemputan or dinner functions kind of scarves.
And no, I will not wear the manik manik kind k.

If cannot find, make lor.
Must thank Tina for her input. Mwaaah!
I am scheduled to have a photoshoot with these Excluzif Glitter Scarves this Saturday after tuition with Tina at her friend's studio.
I'll show you one piece k. Since CNY is around the corner, I show you the red one la. :p
This glitter scarf can light up your look (and mine!) instantly.

I have EIGHT colours. (Lucky number tu!)

Nyla has not come up with the names of these scarves yet. She will do it this weekend. Maklomlah, dah start primary school, orang tu busy.

Should you want to wear any of these Excluzif Glitter Scarves this weekend, do let me know.
Can make special arrangements one.
Anything email me at


  1. U haf d same smile as angelina jolie. Was lookinh at her golden globe pics when i saw d resemblance..

  2. How much is ur pweety pweens Maxi Toga?