Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beautiful Read(s)

Too beautiful a read and to not share it is such a waste.
Misa, thank you for sharing this at Facebook.
People, click HERE.

Since we are at the topic of reading good stuff, for those of you with children, do add Nyla's The Big Good Wolf and Chickchickaboomz to your bookshelf. I assure you that your children will enjoy these 2 books very much.
For those without children, I cannot say this enough but I absolutely love it when people give Nyla books as gifts. So if you have a lil cousin, nephew and niece, gift them books.

The Big Good Wolf is $10.
Chickchickaboomz is $14.

Do email me at nuraesman@gmail.com because last week I have received a few orders, hence will be mailing out the books later in the afternoon.

PS: ALL proceeds will go to 'Nyla's School Pocket Money Fund' :p

Ok this is totally random, but what's up with shopping at the school bookshop man?
Nyla absolutely digs her school bookshop man!!!

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  1. Heehee..you are so right about the magnetic effect of the school bookshop there!I often remind my boys buy only when emergency case.Sometimes the bookshop wins lah.