Monday, January 16, 2012

Girl Power!

Good Monday morning all.
Typing as fast as I can so that I won't be late for my class later.

As the school term has started, my tuition sessions pon sudah start engine already. Another busy year ahead but Alhamdullilah, busy is good!

My Primary 5 and Primary 6 classes are full and I intend to keep this group small because I really want to focus on each and everyone of my graduating tutees.
Hence if you have emailed me and I didn't reply, my sincerest apologies.

I also have another group of Sec Ones. (Yes, all Bottoms Uppers since last year.) Very nice to have them back with me as I hope to see 5 of them make that switch from Normal Technical Stream to Normal Academic stream and 1 from Normal Academic stream to Express Stream. ALL of them in fact look very hungry to make that switch, I'm real proud.

And then my Primary 1 babies. They are so cute caaaaaannnnnnnnn?! And such a noisy bunch! They really have loads to share.
The reason I open up a Primary 1 class is because I have always enjoyed teaching Nyla at home and why not I extend these lessons to other children who'd love to learn and play at the same time. Nyla too is having a blast because she has new friends.

Still at the topic of education, I'd like to congratulate my dear Jenn for securing a writing workshop programme in a primary school. Yahoo!!!!! This time round, my turn to assist her and be one of the workshop trainers. Anything for you Jenn!

Last Saturday morning, I had a photoshoot for an online shop which was first based in Washington and now spreading its wings to sunny Singapore. How cool is that?! I'll blog about this soon enough. And of course, I tarik Tina along and included her in this assignment. So we both started work real early. She fetched me at 6.50 a.m. By 10.15 a.m we were done and while I rushed home for tuition, Tina rushed for her other make up assignments.

To view Tina's many many make up assignments and the many shoots she has choreographed, please do add her as friend on Facebook.

Happiness I feel is truly infectious and truly, other people's happiness can influence your mood.
I feel very proud of my beauty sponsor, Harnies Beauty!

She has only just released 2 scents!
Only just released a few days ago and more than 50 bottles have already been sold. Awesome stuff.
One of her Facebook friends described 'CLASSIC' as smell of vanilla and caramel like a sugary sweet cake topped with ice cream.
Yums. Hehe.
Once again, big fat congratulations Harnie!

SAYRAH sisters, thank you also for your wonderful blog entry here.

It has been such a great start to such a marvellous Monday. Ok got to go for my lesson already. Lunching at Geylang later with Shikin who will be fetching me later (WOOOHOOO!) as well as Diana who will be joining us after she has settled her kids in school.

Really, I feel very blessed to be surrounded by such positive forces such as all these wonderwomen I have mentioned in this entry. Girl Power la! Hehehhe!
Great day ahead you alls.

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