Thursday, December 1, 2011

Summer In Love

I knew that I wanted to wear something relaxed, chic and less formal for last Sunday's event.
I just happened to be browsing through this blogshop, a newbie on the online shopping community, when this gorgeous icy blue maxi dress caught my eye.

Somehow, maxi dresses will always reign supreme one la ah.

At a click of the mouse, this pretty piece was delivered to my doorstep.
Other than the pretty and affordable dresses/tops (Suitable for work and casual!), another plus point would be this blogshop's prompt service.

Loving the dress!

I show you some of the blogshop's other tops and dresses.

I have exchanged numerous tele- conversations with the friendly blogshop owner.
Her name is Aishah. A sweetheart.
She has a regular day job at a construction company during the day and manages her blogshop at night.
Talk about being hardworking.
Well as the saying goes..'The harder you work, the luckier you get.'

E-tailer Aishah is also moving away from bulk purchasing from suppliers to in-house design, something I strongly encourage.

Divert a bit.
The thing about about blogshops is that they will carry similar designs.
Some blogshops will sell them cheap, some will mark up damn high. Those doing the latter, if you kena (as in your customers realised that they were charged so high) you die lor.
That's the reason why I decided to do the fashion business with my mom because normal blogshops seem to lack the exclusivity, hence we come up with our our laboriously sewn pieces...The Maxi Togas...The Mini Togas...The Toga Onesies...The Toga Oneskirts...The Ponchos...The Ponchogas.

Now, just because I am in this fashion business does not mean that I cannot support other e-taliers. Especially new ones.
In fact I felt very proud when I saw some of Summer In Love's self- designed pieces.

Gua kasi lu A+ for effort la, Aishah!

She is also trying very hard to reach out to more people by giving out 'Sephora Vouchers'
Again, excellent effort there.

Aishah, my readers and I will be more than glad to support an always-trying entrepreneur like you. :)
Ok peeps, you all will also stand a chance to win these vouchers. Here are the steps!

STEP 1: 'Like' Summer In Love Facebook Page
STEP 2: On their Facebook wall OR comments page on their website, list the reasons why you like Summer In Love! Be creative!
PS: You don't even have to purchase anything to be eligible for this. So ikhlas one Aishah!
STEP3: Wait and hopefully you win! Heheheh!

SummerInLove, I wish you all the very best.
May you become one of the most prominent blogshops. :)
My ladies, let's avoid battling crowds in malls and shop anytime, anywhere with Summer In Love.

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