Thursday, December 1, 2011


So many takeaways during last Sunday's sharing session.

Shikin, one of the Little Big Minds trio, shared very valuable Maths how we can get our children to say out loud 'Block One hundred and two' as we walk past HDB Flat Blk 102....So they know the number and place values...

With more than 40 years of rich experience teaching Malay language, Mdm Rokaiyah felt that 'Bahasa Baku' should not be made fun of because little kids must be exposed to bahasa baku to get their basics right. If we don't converse with them in Bahasa Baku then, they will make spelling errors like 'mate' instead of 'mata'....'bukak' instead of 'buka'.....

Homeschooling mother Mdm Sukesy Mattar brought along so many toys and shared with us how she personally feels that just because a child is not sitting down doing his/her worksheet or assessment books, doesn't mean he/she is not learning.....

Mdm Diana kept asserting the importance of parental involvement in a child's life....

The session was indeed very well-received by parents.

However they are still very concerned with 'Maths'.
(Kin, time for you to brainstorm this with your Little Big Minds team, while I with Jenn babey!)

How can we help parents to be well equipped to help their children learn Maths at home?

When I shared with my partner, Jenn on last Sunday's event, she got very excited.
Honestly, I was feeling very mentally exhausted so she did a lot of talking yesterday.
I've always admired her high energy level. (Those who have attended our workshops before, you know how hyper she is!)

Another thing I like about her is her contacts.
How Jenn is constantly in touch with so many educational professionals, from both public and private sectors who have been teaching Mathematics in a holistic way.

So we have agreed to conduct a Mathematics Sharing Session on how we can help parents support their children's learning of Mathematics at home through problem scenarios, manipulatives, stories, games and various thinking strategies.
We will also follow very closely to the lower primary Maths curriculum!
This session is absolutely suitable for parents whose kiddies are between the ages of 4 to 8.

We are looking at having this 2-3 hrs workshop on Saturday, 17 December 2011 at which is within walking distance of Braddell MRT Station.
Unfortunately, the room's maximum capacity is 25 and the management is pretty strict about this. :(

Interested, pls email me at to register and reserve your slots early!
Registration will close once we hit 25 participants!

PS: Discount will be given to our previous workshop attendees. :)

Thanks for your interest!
Maths is everywhere.
Through ordinary daily settings, let us all consciously empower our children with Maths skills!
Most importantly, let's help our kiddies experience the joy of learning Maths.

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