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Fantastic Friday morning everyone!
As requested by you all, this will be the content of the Maths workshop (suitable for parents whose children are between the ages of 4-8) which will follow very closely to the lower primary Maths curriculum. (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Ordinal Numbers, Picture Graphs, Time, Money etc)

1. Understanding your child's unique learning style and crafting Mathematics lessons around it.

Nyla is a language oriented learner so we read Maths based story books before we sit down together to tackle the topic.

2. Identifying eureka moments/teaching opportunities in the environment be it at home or outside.
Pizzas are great for learning about fractions in Maths.

3. Inter-disciplinary
-Simply put, "interdisciplinary" means combining subjects together in many ways.
For example we use 'Eggs'
as a central theme.

English lesson, I can read Nyla's Chickchickaboomz and construct some Comprehension questions...
We can most certainly eggs-plore Maths using eggs...
And as shown by the picture below, we can do a Science eggs-periment.
Kids so love Art and we can do egg painting!

4. Concentration, memory, processing speed and visualization techniques and heuristics.

Thought I'd share with you an 'excerpt' of an email sent by a parent who has already signed up for our Maths workshop!
So funny and at the same time, so true.

Jenn and I are so encouraged by the response and interest shown by you parents.
Let's become Maths mentors to our children and instill the love of Mathematics in them.
We are so doing away with the conventional boring method of drilling and boost our children's mathematical ability through fun activities!

Email me
Keep the emails coming! I'll try my best to reply asap!

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