Monday, December 26, 2011

DUAL-TONE Excluzif Ponchos

I will be away tomorrow.
Not far. JB only.
Just to satisfy someone's craving to stay in a hotel.
Nyla is clueless. She thinks we are going there for shopping so she's in for a surprise!

I also cannot bear to let you ladies wait so here I am working overtime.
Happy to do so, really.

I must thank my woman, Tina, for conceptualising this photoshoot.
I just had to turn up at the studio with the new ponchos.
Tina can do so many things:
In short, she's just multi-talented.
Just a week ago, she came to my place to conduct make-up lessons for my mommy friends.

One who is not icky about time, what was supposed to be a 2 hour lesson dragged to 3 and half hours! No extra charge. Extra fun time.
God bless you Tina, the travelling make up tutor! If you and your friends wanna look pretty or learn how to apply make up, just PM her over at Facebook.

Then for today's shoot, she brought along 2 beauties who won awards in their respective pageants that Tina choreographed. Sidetrack abit. This one got to thank my bro, Jambi. At that time he was studying at SIM and needed someone to choreograph a pageant. Tina did such a fantastic job with the first one that for subsequent pageants, she was called back.
WOOHOO stuff. Extremely proud of her.

Ok back to the beauties. They are Michelle who won Body Beautiful at the recent RMIT Pageant. (Still got the cheek to say that she has put on weight. YAK DUSH DUSH! :p) and Espall Sandhu who is this year's SIM-UB winner. Our Bollywood beauty :)
If you have a blogshop and would like them to model for you, just let me know!

My brudders Azhar and Franco Mendez Sevilleja (search this name on Facebook!) you two are just damn damn awesome. So if you all wanna do any form of shoot out, just add them on Facebook, PM them or something. They are so down to earth. And if you very stiff with your poses, they can even guide you. lol! I'm not kidding. They are just super sweet.

I consider myself very very blessed to be surrounded with these kind people. Alhamdullilah!

Without further ado, my sew terrific mother, Nyla (her contribution in brackets) and I present to you:

Black+White (Zebra crossing)

Pink+Black (Minnie Mouse)

Green+White (Kermit) - Don't mind ah..My bogeh influenced by The Muppets.

Mustard Yellow+Navy Blue (No Idea) This one tough for her.

Pink+Purple (Nyla Bieber) "My fav colour is pink. Justin's is purple. Just put me and Justin la."

Turquoise+Pink (Baskin Robbins)

Purple+White (Macdonald's friend) "You find out the name la. I don't know." [I googled. Name is Grimace.]

Beige+Black (Starbucks)- "Like coffee. You just put Starbucks la."

Yellow+White (Bananas and Cream)

Light Pink+Dark Pink (Girls) -"This one all girls sure like. So you put 'Girls'." Yes Maam.

Red+Black (Ladybug)

As you can see, these excluzif ponchos can be styled in many many ways.
Very versatile piece.
Half chiffon, half cotton lycra, free size (FITS S to XL), a piece of this Excluzif Dual-Tone Poncho is $55.
I'll see you ladies over at


  1. Finally my comment was heard. Colorblock ponchos. Well done!

  2. Next collectionn u might want to play around with buttons. Something like a military trenchcoat. But instaead of trencoat its a military poncho. Might b cool...

  3. Thank you for the suggestion! Will think of something! :))))))

  4. if i am interested, how do i make pymt to you babe? from FB azlynnezzari. I lik blk and white but too bad I am late. Green & White