Sunday, December 25, 2011


Have you watched?
I enjoyed this very much I watched twice la.

The first time, I watched with E's cousin, Kak Ana and her children.

Second time, with my mom, Wak Gayah and Bibik Juma.
E was on leave and Nyla pleaded with me not to bring her along so I left Nyla with him.

Wak Gayah and my mom actually bought the novel...made sure they read it before watching.
It was a nice outing. Funny also.

Sidetrack abit.
I remember the last time I watched a movie with Wak Gayah was when I was seven, I think...We watched some cartoon dinosaur movie. "The Land before Time."
Wak Gayah, her son, Udin...My mom, myself and younger bro, Jambi.
At the old Cathay if I am not mistaken.

Bibik Juma has never been in a movie theatre before. When it was dark, she held my hand so tight,"Maaaaaammmmmmm, nga pa in sih gelap banget?! Saya takuuuuuutttt sih!"

Malas aku nak jawab. I just told her to keep quiet. Lol.

Then in the middle of the movie, I overheard my mom and Wak Gayah whisper to one another.

Wak Gayah: Si Hariz (Aaron Aziz) muka macam Udin eh Kiah.....

"Aaron Aziz"

(I wanted to puke la.)

My mom: Ah ah....Si Mail (Bront Palare) pulak macam Nizam (Jambi la tu)....

"Bront Palarae"


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