Sunday, September 4, 2011

Balik Kampung 2011

Every Hari Raya, sure go Batu Pahat one.
Nyla's most favourite Hari Raya Itinerary.
While we were on our way, she kept asking, "Are we going to reach?"

Now that we are back home, she is already asking, "How many days more then can go kampung again?"

Anyway, yesterday morning was a bit chaotic because we woke up late. Yikes!
I had no time to put on make up as my in laws were already at the carpark waiting for us. So just slapped on my face my sun block and baby powder.
Oh Tina, my make up guru, I have failed you! :p
Mr E on the other hand, didn't even put on his kain samping and songkok.
Nyla too wasn't spared.
She went out of the house with her dripping wet and very tangled hair. :S

Wearing my mom's vintage kebaya there. Fits perfectly well on me.

The babe really really really wanna wear a toga dress.
So she got her wish granted, much to her joy. Added a small brooch to glam up her midnight navy blue toga.

Nyla and her great grandmother. Nyla only sees her once a year but she frequently talks about her 'yot'.
Snapped quite a few pictures so here they are. :)

Changed into their home clothes. Blending in with the kampong children already! These 2 girls had so much fun chasing the chickens...

stroking cats and kittens...

playing hide and seek...etc.

And not to mention the compulsory motorcycle joyride!

Lynn and I plucking tapioca for our mother in law. Heh! Man, she brought home so many types of fruits and vegetables. Macam balik dari pasar pulak!

Hokie dokie..that's about it folks!
Got to get ready for Round 3 of Raya visiting.
With the J family now.

Just got news that Rooqs had a bad infection in his calf due to a cut. :(
Really hope and pray it's nothing serious and he can join us later. Insyallah.
Meanwhile, I am sure many of you will be visiting too sooooooo have fun yo!

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