Monday, September 5, 2011

Raya Round 3

And, we're done!
Yesterday was the final raya outing.
Nyla and I wore very simple baju kurungs.

In fact the white baju kurung tops are actually Malaysia's school uniform.
Haha! I ain't kidding. Very cheap too. I got it quite a long time ago at a departmental store.
Actually anywhere in JB also have la, especially when the new school term is about to begin. :)

As you can see, Nyla didn't bring her handbag along because 'got pocket la mommy!'
She actually converted a hairband into a tiara.
Me: Nyla, dont' you think you look ridiculous?
Nyla: No. You're the ridiculous one. Nice what.

And Mr E being the typical bapak bapak.."Biarkan la...."

From head (the hairband) to toes (the slippers!!!) all her idea.
Wanted her to wear her heels, she said,'Not matching!'
But judging by this confident pose, I'm pretty impressed!
Hidop mesti konfiden beb!

Alhamdullilah, Rooqy was fit to join us.

So happy to have the whole J family together-gether.

Now that I am married, I definitely treasure my Raya moments more with my 2 brothers.

Suffered a terrible migraine towards the end. How not to la? Every house we went, there was a buffet spread. I am sure the migraine was due to overeating.

Yeap, after this picture, home sweet home it was for us.
All panchet already.

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