Sunday, July 17, 2011


Have you checked out the latest craze, peeps?
"What thing? What thing?" I hear you ask?

Now, now, I know 'slap on' might sound a little violent but really, that's literally how you put it on.
Absolutely cool!

Nyla for one, cannot stop slapping on her silicone watch on her wrist, Mr E and I keep hearing the 'Kapiak! Kapiak!' sound!

With a plethora of vibrant colours, you and your child can coordinate these watches with your outfits! Can matching matching!

If you would like to get more than 1, I suggest you just get ALL the colours la ah because you would be thrilled to know that these watches are inexpensive.

ONLY $5 each, be it for adult or child!

Really la. Doubt can get any cheaper than this. Outside selling for $10 leh. You can get TWO man!

  • Like any other watches, these watches run on batteries. Should they become weak, just get the batteries replaced. :)
  • The time needles for both adult and kid watches illuminate in the dark. *Guaranteed to be well loved by the kids!* (Kids just love these kinda things!)
  • No fuss of buckles too!
  • Waterproof and easy to clean

Here are some of the hot favourite colours as chosen by my tutees! Yes I am getting these watches as their Children's Day gifts, much to their delight!

Most of my boys would like the white one.
According to them, Eminem wore a White watch in his new music video with Dr Dre so they also want.
Ok boys, come 1 October, you all can feeling feeling Eminem ya! :)

Most of my girls (Nyla too) chose pink. Like DUH!

There are really plenty of colours!

Bet the kids (and you!) will love them right?!
There are really more watches to ogle at.

Before I pass you the website, here are a few suggestions.

Teachers, the slap on silicone watches really make the perfect gifts for your students! Children's Day is nearing. Don't forget to conduct a 'What is your favourite colour?' survey in class too!:p
Do pass around this info to your other colleagues and make the bulk order even bulkier! Heee!

You! In the office, reading my blog...Do share this great deal with your colleagues, ask them if they would like to order for their family members and then collate the orders!

Anyone planning birthday parties?!
The colourful watches are great 'party packs' gift! Instead of the usual candies and whatnots, slap on these colourful watches on your guests before they leave your party!

Let me share with you this link so that you will double confirm wanna buy the SLAP ON SILICONE WATCHES!

Okay my dearest readers, no Monday blues but a colourful one for us all thanks to SPLASH CART
Happy shopping yo!


  1. I bought for my pupils! Hehe! I took photo of the strap only and make them come to me one at a time to tell me which colour they like. Then i look at their wrists (esp girls, boy standard get adult one even if their wrists are sooo halus). :-P Hehe! All the colours are so nice lor! :-D

  2. Babe! How to go about buying the silicon watch?