Thursday, July 21, 2011


Come to think of elder brother, Bah's wedding was where it all FIRST started actually.
I'll get to that later...

Sorry you have to tilt your heads ah.... Just wanna be irritating because this picture annoyed the hell out of me by refusing to be edited! Aaaargh!

Damn, what's up with the make up girl? Dark red lipstick just ain't for me. Makes me look older. And how I drew my eyebrows. That's just so salah. Mr E, cute pimply on the nose by the way. :p

About a few weekends ago, I was scratching my head on what to wear to a close relative's wedding dinner. (Yes, Anies, it's YOUR wedding dinner I am talking about!)
I was looking at my wardrobe and found the 'princess' skirt (That's what my mommy calls it) I wore during my brother's wedding.
The skirt my mom painstakingly sewed because yours truly just wanted to look pretty on her brother's wedding.

I felt really happy to be 'reunited' with the skirt after about 7 long years! *Wipes dust off the skirt!* So newlywed, Anies, if it weren't for your occasion, this pretty stuff would still be in the cupboard collecting dust. :)

Back view of the skirt.

And yeah, you guessed it alright.
Another EUREKA moment for me.

I know I just released The Excluzif Ponchos but really, with Hari Raya coming, my mommy and I felt that our ladies would be thrilled to have us introduce our absolutely elegant soft organza and silky satin Princess Skirts.

While we were discussing, Nyla who was eavesdropping the whole time, interrupted and asked if she could name the skirts.
"Nyla, don't worry about the colours. More or less settled. I'll just use the colours you suggested before.... " I told her.
"No Mommy. I want to name the title of the skirts. They are Princess Skirts right? Can we just name all of them Aurora? She is my favourite Disney Princess."

So there you have it, dearies.
I would now like you all to meet my 'third child' (First: Toga/Second: Ponchos):


I am all for versatility. Hence, I'd like to show you girls how The Excluzif Aurora Skirts can be taken in different directions. :)

If you have dinner and dance or formal events.....

Wedding- dinner- at- hotel invites?
This look is for you.

Really proud to be collaborating with CheekyChicas.
The pink and gold "Elegante"corsets I'm wearing are from them.
And they have a WIDE range of colours. Such pretty pretty corsets and they fit perfectly! :)

CheekyChicas is also kindly sponsoring a Hari Raya outfit for me. Thank you Trina and team! :)

Wear hijab also can be stylo mylo hokay!

Still have no idea of what to wear during Hari Raya?
If you already have lace tops, why not match with The Excluzif Aurora Skirts?

Give Nyla chance la ah. This year, she is not the model for 'First Girl' leh. The fact that I still model for 'First Lady' upsets her more! So yeah, now that she is modelling The Excluzif Aurora skirts, she's all okay already.

My beautiful sista turned cousin, thank you for doing the photoshoot with me. So touching when I received your phonecall. Love ya Ray! Irfan, thanks for the lift home. :)

My Mr E, you too! Despite the many scripts you had to mark, you came to help me carry all the stuff home. Mwaaaaaaah.

Nyla, thank you for not being cranky while waiting for mommy. Yeah, apparently everytime I went to change, she'd be posing for Jenny, the photographer! *Winks at Anna! Thanks girl!*

My sista Tina, thank you for not only the make up but the styling and art direction too! Hee! Congrats on being selected the choreographer yet again for the second year running for SIM-RMIT Annual Bash/Pageant! You're just awesome.

My sew terrific mom and the best business partner one can ever have, all these creations would not have been possible without you.

So my ladies, there you have it.


MATERIAL: Soft Organza and Silky Satin

Size: Fits S-XL


Will customise length. :)

Available colours are "Rose" Maroon, "Cotton Candy" Pink, "Crabmeat" Pink, "Midnight" Navy Blue, Star Silver, "Gold Coins" Gold (???! Nyla la!), "Toothless" Black.
However if you have other colours in mind, just let me know. I'll try my best to make your wish come true. :)

See you girlies at my mailbox!


  1. Hi Nura! Those skirts are GREAT..! I was searching for something extraordinaire and ta-daaa..! You have it! I might considere it, so I'll drop you an email once I've made up my mind. :)

    Just one question though, can you tell me where the black lace top which your cousin (?) is wearing in the picture of you (in red) and her (in black) comes from? I am falling deepdeep for it! Hehe. Thanksss!

    And yeah, your mumma so awwesooome!

  2. Thank you so much Ayu! :)
    I tailor made those 2 balck and maroon tops few years ago dear! Heee!
    Looking forward to seeing you over at my mailbox!