Thursday, June 9, 2011

Renewed Friendship

The content of this blog entry today is something very personal but I'd like to share with you anyway because there is something that can be learnt.
As I am typing this, my heart is swelling with happiness.
I am feeling very blessed to have regained this friendship.

Several weeks ago, Oniatta Effendi came back into my life.( Diana, thank you for being the 'matchmaker'. )

Oniatta and I started way back in 2003 when we hosted KRAYON together with Hatta Said. Funny how all 3 of us were grouped together during the audition of KRAYON and we were all chosen. Do you know that our mommies' names are 'Rokiah'?
Hehehehe! Well, the audition ( and the 4 seasons) will always be etched in our minds and hearts. So memorable. And then I saw the latest season without us and man I cringed. And no I'm not being a sour grape hor!

Now, back to Oni and I, our friendship was further enhanced based on some common background and plenty of common beliefs about teaching and raising children since we are both in the education field.
Oniatta is a very intelligent person and she is one who is not selfish to impart her knowledge one.
Nura, must breastfeed ah.

Nura, must make sure Nyla only eats solid food when she's above 4 months. Don't give the jar one ah. You go mash fruits and veges yourself. And don't put salt.

So thanks to her,Nyla is okay with vegetables, especially lady's finger. Eeeeyer.

Nura, don't pelat pelat with Nyla okay. No 'nak mamam'. No 'jom bobok.' No 'yak yak'. Speak properly.

As with all friendships, we had our moments of 'not nice stuff' that were exchanged such as "Oni, you always think you're right ah?! or everytime I opened my mouth to sing to record the songs on Krayon, she'd either laugh at my sumbang voice or say "Eh can I go first and record. I don't want to wait forever."Damn ouch right. Actually come to think of it, very funny also because my singing voice really cannot make it.

And then, these 'not so nice' stuff got relayed to other people .Have you ever played the game Telephone where you stand in line with a group of people and one person whispers a phrase to the person next to him or her.Then, each person will keep whispering the phrase and convey it until it reaches the last person who will cry the whispered statement out loud.What started out as "Amy wants to eat pizza" can end up as"Amy's mouth damn bisa."

Obviously one's honest opinions on each other turned out to be 'gossip topic' and as with all rumours, there were inaccuracies.
To cut the story short, below happened:
Anger. Confrontation. Break Up.
That was in 2007.

When we broke up, my heart ached because I missed Oni loads.
I mean, in life, you are bound to lose friends and honestly, some are better to be outta your life because they bring no meaning to your life. However, with Oni, it was different. I've come to regret and realise that she was special.
When I talked to my buddies, I'd always tell them that if there was one person I'd like to reconnect with, it'd be Oniatta.
In fact, I tried to back in 2009 but Oni wasn't ready. (Thanks Hatta for trying!) :)

When I was holidaying in Bintan with my family recently, Diana smsed me this:
Nura, Kak Oni asked if it's ok that she has your number to contact you..

Never mind that my phone bill's gonna shoot up. Man, I waited years for this moment.

Soon enough an SMS from Oni came. I still keep them. :)

Oni: Salams Nura. Thanks for letting me have your number. It's Oniatta. How have you been?
Me: Hi Oni. Alhamdullilah. I'm good and hope you and family are fine too. I'm really happy to see this msg. :)
Oni: As I am happy to be in touch with you. It has been too long.

We decided to meet up after so long. Heart degap degup you...Macam jumpa ex bf/gf gituk. *Giggles*
And when we did, we hugged.
Yeah, it was so profound, so emotional.
We have been meeting up pretty regularly to make up for those lost times.

And it's just amazing because it was like we had never been apart.

In fact peeps, I have a surprise for you....

I'd like to present to you my first ever guest blogger to write on my space and she is none other than Oniatta Effendi.

Over to you babe!

Next to family, my friends are a huge part of life.

A few months ago, a 4-year silence was broken (yes her Togas were way too gorgeous to stop myself from saying hello – well not really).

She was a little sister I never had.

In our many years as co-presenters, there was so much we shared - both on and off screen, so it was rather tragic when I made the decision to cut-off all ties (Note to self: Forgive.)

We spent hours in the cold studios rehearsing and memorising lines, song lyrics and dance steps. Behind the confident smiles the public saw of us as TV presenters on a VERY POPULAR children’s programme (Bila lagi nak angkat show kita babe!), we were faced with not-so-easy situations and so we created “strategies” between us - like when to turn away from the camera when we forget out lyrics, when to appear like we were bouncing as we danced although we were pregnant (one after the other)… and how on outdoor shoots, we would outdo each other to do a One Take Wonder.

So, it was not difficult to start all over again.

And after our first ‘date’, we continued to see each other almost continuously for the weeks to follow (Lepaskan rindu heh).

Thank you for letting me re-create a contact named Nura J on the contact list of my iPhone – because I now know you are a phonecall away. Back to what it was like it before.

And in the spirit of our renewed friendship, I thought you might want to bring Nyla to catch Cakap Botol-botol this Sunday. It will be good fun. Oh, and if she comes in Pyjamas (Nyla, NOT you!), I might just drag her up on stage to sing with me! Heh.


So peeps, 2 things can happen here:
We pick up from where we were in 2007, move on and create an even better friendship.

Another is...this renewed friendship will end the same, or worse than it ever did before. (CHOY AH! TOUCH WOOD)

Well right now, we are putting the horrid past behind, enjoying the present and look forward to better tomorrows.I thank the One Above for making us both realise that this friendship is worth salvaging.

Together Oni and I have learnt one valuable lesson...The ability to forgive as well as the necessity of seeking forgiveness.

And Oni, Yes Maam! I shall see you at Esplanade this Sunday and catch your show. Nyla will wear her pyjamas...and me ..Haiya! Baru nak pakai La Senza...Saaap. Hehehe!

Mommies with young kids, you wouldn't wanna miss Cakap Botol Botol.
For more info, click here.

Heard from Oni that 3pm tickets are selling fast so Nyla and I will be going for the 5pm one! :)
See you allz!


  1. "in life, you are bound to lose friends and honestly, some are better to be outta your life because they bring no meaning to your life"
    I really like this line...and this entry made me tear and smile all at the same time :)


  2. Hi Sarah,
    These things are bound to happen in friendships and definitely worth sharing. That 4 years wothout O in my life, I had dreams about her and everytime I wished she'd call me. And she finally did. Praises to Allah!

  3. Yes - panjang jodoh u n O. Syukur. Yes, a broken friendship can be two things, become stronger n the other way is, the break up is good for both parties. I've experienced both scenarios - and well ...

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Alhamdullilah that your friendship with Oni has reconciled. It's such a good story to share as it does happen to a lot of people including myself. I guess my time hasn't come yet and a good friend/cousin is not ready to let go.

    But i know for sure when the time comes, it shall be an amazing moment. =))