Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Enriching Events!

Hi all!
Nyla and I attended 2 events which I found to be very enriching and would so much love to share with you.

On the 28th of May, we were invited by The National Geographic Explorer to attend the inagural Green Carpet Awards at Goodwood Park Hotel.

The Green Carpet Awards (GCA) is the first-of-its-kind awards ceremony which honours the community (schools, students, volunteers) for their efforts to preserve and protect the environment.

That afternoon, Nyla has realised that environmental education can be expressed in all forms, like journalistic photography, and not necessarily just by picking up litter on the ground.
Really proud to see the works of young children who not only possess such awesome photography skills but are also very passionate about saving the environment.

In fact, Nyla too is already an environmentalist considering she has donated half of her book sales proceeds to the Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund during her Chirpy Birthday Party at Jurong Bird Park. So you are definitely on the right track babe!

All the young nominees are winners to me.
This Nyla ah must embarrass me during the prize giving ceremony by saying, "When are they calling my name man?"
Very not shy ah you girl!

Anyway I told her to enter this same competition next year when she's in primary school.(GASP! My baby's gonna be in Primary 1 next year!!!)
The nominees are as young as 7!

So obviously being very easily influenced, she volunteered to snap some pictures during the event.

Suspect kuat she has this thing for that young handsome dude in tuxedo.
When he got up the stage, Nyla remarked,'Chehhhhbah, like want to get married like that ah this boy. Handsome seh.." followed by a damn cheeky chuckle.
Yeah, I had to laugh at that one!

Elyana, thanks for the invite dear!

Then last week, we were invited to the Peranakan Museum (We appeared on the Malay news!) for their debut workshop for the Children's Season 2011.

Children will create and steam their very own animal-shaped kueh ku, whip up a yummy cold tofu salad, and wash it all down with a thirst-quenching spice-infused drink. This interactive hands-on workshop conducted by Baba Benjamin Seck of True Blue Cuisine includes a tour of the Food and Feasting Galleries. Includes Peranakan snacks, a museum tour, and a free goodie bag for all registered participants. Limited spaces available.

Real masak masak session for my little Mak nenek so it is a MUST GO!

Warming up activity...

Nyla's kueh... supposed to be a turtle but yeah... looks pretty eeewwwwy hor?. :S Hehehe!
BUT it was reallllyyyyy yummy!

After cooking, it was PLAY TIME!

And DRESS UP time!

My little Nyonya. :)

Pose First Lady satu ah babe!

And there's a kid in us adults too. The kebayas there are really too pretty I couldn't resist so I joined Nyla and Marsya! Heeheheheh!

Ain, thank you for the invite!
Rafil, thank you for having us at the Peranakan Museum. We truly enjoyed the cooking workshop and the exhibits! :) Return visits coming up because my momma friends and I are all for enriching fun!

Mommies and Daddies, if you would like to know about their enriching activities for kids, do join their facebook page.
Also, do pop by Peranakan Museum especially during their Weekend Festival on 18/19 June!

That being said, any of you with fun events you would like me and Nyla (and Mr E!) to attend and blog about, do email me your invite to!

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