Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nyla's 6th CHIRPY BIRTHDAY PARTY at Jurong Bird Park

2 Saturdays ago on the 21st of May, the day we had planned for Nyla's 6th birthday party cum book launch, our usually super hot and sunny weather turned to that of a chilly and rainy one.

Oh man. :(

The kind of weather you do not wish to get out of bed...what more the house.
Oh man. :(

That morning, I wished I could snuggle longer in bed but I could not because Mommy here gotta bake a cake.
So we woke up early and headed off to Kesy's house to bake Nyla's ostrich and Number 6 mega(cup)cakes.
Due to the heavy rain, we took a long time to get a cab which simply meant we reached Kesy's house about 30-45 minutes late. Obviously, the time taken to bake the cake would take longer.

But still, all praises to the One Above for Chickchickaboomz and Number 6 cakes were not only a success but yummy too!

We were supposed to finish baking at about 10.30am and then the plan was for me to head home and glamsify myself by putting on make up and style my hair. (I am not kidding.)
However, we only finished at 11.15 a.m.
I called Mr E who obviously had extra snooze time in the nice cooling weather.

Me: Hon, I want to go home leh and style my hair.
Mr E: WHAT?! YOU THINK IT'S YOUR PARTY IS IT? (The voice louder than the thunderstorm sia. Relax ah bang.)
Me: Haiya. Ok la. Like that, you bring for me my hair wax/heels/perfume/belt etc hor!
Mr E: Ok ok.

In the end, I used NONE of the above. And Mr E champion. He chucked all those items I instructed him to bring into a haversack. Never even put my heels in plastic bag. Chet!

Now, party was supposed to start at 12pm and at 11.45, we were still on the road.
Oh man. :(

However, the Jurong Bird Park peeps, Adrian/Ros/Peggie/Juanna were real sweet. They reassured us that everything was under control and their peeps were 'taking attendance' of my invited guests who had already arrived. I was expecting SMSes like," WHERE ARE YOU NURA?!" but nah, none of that! Phew!

When we finally reached Jurong Bird Park, instead of reprimanding us for being late, the Jurong Bird Park peeps Rosliyana, Jamil and Yee Ting and Yin Kang saw Nyla and asked, "Are you the birthday girl?! Welcome to your party!"

I knew I was holding on to 2 cake boxes and then one of their members just grabbed the boxes for me and said,"I'll put these in the fridge ya Nura."

So sweet man they all... like my cupcakes. :)))))

It was lovely to see my guests but heart definitely sank a lil bit seeing them and their children a lil wet. :(
Nevertheless, Nyla was happy to see her favourite people...her classmates...her cousins..her playdatemates.

One of Nyla's classmates, Janette just only recovered from fever and her mommy said she would not miss it for the world!

Thank you to all my invited guests...Nyla's classmates' family...friends who came despite the very heavy downpour! Appreciate. :)

To Ed and family, it was really great to have met you , your wife and kids for the first time.

'Pujangga Malam' and family, bro, thanks for bringing your babes!

Christina Ching of Mother and Baby Magazine, a pleasure to have met your family too.

Special mention to Berita Harian and Warna 94.2 as well for 'loudhailing' about the event.

Not forgetting Aquila Asia Magazine as well as Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund! :)

My mom hugged me when she saw me and then she whispered in my ear...
"Take it easy Kin. Sometimes, things don't go the way you planned them to be. Rain is a blessing from God."
How come Mothers' gut feelings always right?! I was feeling a lil disappointed but I tried really hard not to show it but my mom could see right through me.

Also, it was amazing how Nyla was totally oblivious to the heavy downpour. She was just so focused on having a great time at her party.

Together, we all proceeded to Song Bird Terrace for Nyla's Chirpy Birthday Party cum Book Launch.

View of the pretty flamingos and...heavy rain...

And then it was "Lets get the party started" time!

Funny how I was so stressed out before party but once it started,I was totally stress free because everything was nicely handled by Adrian,Rosalind, Yee Ting, Rosliyana, Jamil and Yin Kang!

The Chirpy Birthday Party package includes:

  • set up, supervision and clean up

  • invitation cards

  • fun activities, crafts and games

  • yumsy food and drinks

  • party goodie bag (Got soft toy leh! A few of Nyla's friends now have a new sleeping buddy. (Including Nyla!)

This is Nyla's! Name is Partylina Esman.

Crafts time!

Lunch with Parrots show.

"Wah Mommy, the parrot's nails damn sharp you know!"

The party hosts were so pleasant and kept the party schedule running smoothly and organised.

"Oh no, Nyla! Our team is losing....."

Blowing candles time!

Thank you very much Uncle Adrian and team for sponsoring my birthday party.


We missed you our illustrator, the bubbly Uncle Furby! And he is getting married this Saturday to the girl of his dreams. :) Congrats bro.

Nyla got a lil bit shy when I shared with the audience how both books come about.

Frances and Shane from Julia Gabriel Centre for Learning then arrived...

and entertained the children with their songs....

story telling skills....

and drama as well!

Thanks you both for spending your Saturday afternoon with us! My gratitude as well to Julia Gabriel who has been supportive of Nyla's work since The Big Good Wolf!

Special mention to Gaynor Fitzgibbon for all your wonderful ideas and input.

If you think that it was 'game over' after the book launch, you're wrong! We and our guests extended our fun by catching the newly launched Birds of Prey show.

After that, we contined to walk around the huge park and look at more types of birds!

Feeding the lory! :)

All of us were super shagged the moment we reached my in laws' place. Yeap, you guessed it. We spent the night there! The thought of the trip back home from Sengkang to Pandan already can make us faint..(Which the 3 of us did at 9 pm sharp!)It had been a gradual kind of awesome day. Started off :( and then it stopped raining and there was a' rainbow after the storm!' :) Nyla had been looking forward to her party for the longest time and as she made her exit from Jurong Bird Park, she was sad because it was over. :(

Well baby, good things must always come to an end.

Nyla, our lil author, Congratulations on your book launch. :) You truly deserve the birthday party treat babe.

To the Jurong Bird Park Sales and Party Team, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for appreciating a young local talent. Such a rare occasion to deal with such a generous and understanding sponsor so able and willing to meet our needs and for that, we are immensely grateful for everything you guys have done. We will remember your excellent service and absolutely recommend the Chirpy Birthday Party to our fellow friends and my readers here!


  1. Thanks for inviting us to the party! It was definitely FUN! And you can consider another career in being a party organizer as well :)

  2. Hello Hello Ed! :) Eh no la! This one is like combined forces of The Jurong Bird Park team and Julia Gabriel team! Hugs to your kiddies!

  3. Wow, happy birthday! I enjoyed my trip to Jurong Bird Park too. Hope to visit this place again..