Wednesday, June 8, 2011

AVAILABLE Excluzif Toga Pieces

Good Wednesday morning my prettay ladies.

I have a few available pieces of my Excluzif Togas.
Some of which, I did not have time to model for. :(

I have 3 mini togas - ready stock. :)
If you would like to know what a mini toga is, here it is.

A piece of the Excluzif Mini Toga is $50.

Ok, now that you know how a MINI toga looks like,
I have 3 mini togas in these 3 different colours.

Dolphin Grey

Cotton Candy Pink

Smoke Black-Grey

I also have 2 available Toga ONESIES.

A piece of the Excluzif Toga Onesie is $75.

Chilli Red

Dolphin Grey

So in all I have 5 ready stock pieces.

3 MINI TOGAS (Dolphin grey, Cotton Candy Pink and Smoke Black Grey) and 2 TOGA ONESIES (Chilli Red and Dolphin Grey)

So if you intend to wear a toga this weekend, email me at by today (Because tomorrow I is going for a short getaway!) and I'll mail them out for you today itself.

See you in my mailbox babes! :)

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