Wednesday, May 4, 2011

XX, You are the weakest link

I do not want to act smart and pretend I know all about politics.
I don't though I am very much intrigued by what is going on currently.
I enjoy very much the conversations about the coming elections with my family members.
My brothers...My parents...Mr E...My friends...

Yesterday, I went over to Sengkang and I already know who my mother in law will be voting for.
Let's just say that if I were to get her a PAP brooch as a Mother's Day gift, she'd be thrilled.

Now, I've always enjoyed reading Xiaxue's entries.
How gutsy she is when it comes to dissing people.
Most cases, I'd laugh along at her humorous entries.

However this morning when I read her latest entry, I felt offended.

She has slammed The National Solidarity Party's Abdul Salim Harun, Nicole Seah's geng and labelled him to be the 'weakest.'

I'm not being protective because he belongs to my community.
He is not even contesting in my area.

So what if he was from a neighbourhood secondary school?
(I was from one and will always be proud to be a Yusoffian.)

So what if he was from ITE?
(My former pupils are having the time of their lives there, acquiring skills, knowledge and values for lifelong learning. I have a cousin who was from ITE, went to poly and is now in SIM!)

I personally feel that ITE will provide that capacity to cultivate within the children of lower abiility the fortitude and aptitude required for their personal quest of lifelong learning.

How can you find Abdul Salim's "education unimpressive?"

How dare you look at NEIGHBOURHOOD SCHOOLS AND ITE with such aversion, Xiaxue?

Xiaxue, I am teaching children of the lower ability.
ALL of them, I foresee, will enter the neighbourhood schools and some of these kids in a few years' time will enter ITE and I see ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with that.

As long as they are still climbing the ladder of education.
As long as they are still seeking knowledge.
Entering ITE is their one step closer to a brighter future.

Xiaxue, elitist people like you are the ones we really should do away with because you all discriminate against my children, the late bloomers.

It's people like you who look down on these children (and their seniors such as Abdul Salim Harun) and never giving them a chance to succeed in this highly competitive society, hence they give up, drop out and turn to drugs.

Xiaxue, Abdul Salim may not be able to "write proper English" and "uses words like our belove Singapore"....
However, he is an inspiration to my lower ability children because they can relate so very well with him.

Abdul Salim Harun has what we both do not have, Xiaxue.
The guts.
To speak to thousands of people.

No, not speak about how plastic surgery can enhance one's self esteem.

Never mind that his "education (is) unimpressive."

He has that courage to stand up and speak to thousands of people and telling them that "it's time for change."

Abdul Salim Harun, I believe your presence not only serves to represent blue collar workers but also to ensure that my childrens' voices (when they are adults) be heard in Singapore Parliament.

Abdul Salim Harun, I admire your tenacity and determination to succeed in being elected to Parliament.

Might I add that this entry of mine is also not an advertorial and I am definitely not paid by the NSP.

To all, I repeat...there is nothing wrong with neighbourhood schools and ITE is NOT the end.


  1. So so true.. Salim is staying in my neighborhood. Takes the feeder bus and train every day and we were in the same primary school. A very humble guy. Don't judge if you don't know the person. It reflects very lowly on you. Everybody should be given the same opportunities without discriminations.

  2. Actually it's all about the money when it comes to that Bitch XX.
    Kesian lah she's got a chip on her shoulder, kecik2 bapak tinggalkan, so she grew up BITTER and so her forte is dissing others , well she even made that her "career" (her own words).
    Now she became popular becos of BossMing (owner of Nuffnang and brother of ClicknetworkTV) he is orang kuat PAP. So let's just say, she is doing him a favor! trying to garner support from her stupid teenage fans. She didn't get invited to lunch with GY for nothing hor!!!

  3. i won't even call them children of "lower" abiltities. there are many different type of learners, and some just learn with their hands. call them children of "useful" abilities.

    my sister really struggled through school. she has dyslexia, and till this day (she's 21 now) still has trouble distinguishing 'm' and 'w', 'b' and 'p' and 'd', 'u' and 'n'. but she could ride a bicycle without training wheels when she was 2 and half, and could cobble an ikea bunk bed all by herself when she was 7. she ended up studying outdoor sports and adventure at republic poly, but that's are far as she can get in singapore. if she wants to go to university, my dad has to foot a very large bill for overseas university fees. she doesn't not want to become a PE teacher, because they have enormous amounts of paperwork to handle.
    i feel that singapore has stolen my sister's dreams from here. in another country, she could have dreamed of becoming so many things; sports is such a wide domain, there's so many different possibilities of employment.

    but here, after being constantly put down and belittled for her grades in a school system where sport is so inconsequential as to only earn a 1hr slot in a 30hr school week, it's like a glass-ceiling has been forced upon her head. the system has to change, yes, but first and foremost, people's attitudes have got to change.

    i can read a page a minute and remember most of what i read the first time, that might make it so much easier for me to get through school, but not much else.

    the bed she assembled was for me. i tried together with a friend to fix it together for 2 hours, but somehow we always got something wrong, she did it in 45 min on her own, absolutely perfect. there's an endless list of my sister's achievements. that's right, achievements, stop calling them "incidents". and in my honest opinion, my sister is 10x more capable than I will ever be and people like me are a dime a dozen.

  4. Hi Nura! I've read your entries thus far and I do enjoy them. But this one, speaks to me so many ways.

    I was from an ITE too myself, have since graduated from polytechnic and went on to pursue a degree (on the brink of completion, final exams now!). Now out of these 3 institutions, ITE was the one place where I learnt, grew and found my true talent and passion in life.

    Therefore I advocate and respect that you're speaking up on the behalf of the likes of myself, Mr Abdul Salim and the wonderful children of yours who will grow up to be astounding and successful individuals.


    Liyana Meer.

  5. As a young Singaporean living overseas, who has grown up under PAP rule the entire time, I would just like to say THANK YOU for this. It is extremely heartening to know that Singaporeans are changing, and someone from ITE is running in the elections and is being taken seriously. Xiaxue unfortunately is an apathetic Singaporean who is not only racist, but also does not have any common sense. Thank you for this thoughtful and well written article. Majulah Singapura!

  6. So xx has an impressive education background? in what? Putting on thick makeup and plastic surgery?

  7. She bitches so much that it reminds me of old aunties... The fact I am afraid is that youngster will think that is cool.... Never check facts just blah with 1 view... Irresponsible ! Good luck Singapore... Vote wisely.

  8. Well initially i was extremely mad reading her entry bt thereaftr, several times reading it, i began to laugh myself silly. Pity her for this is her true moment of fame. But dissing ppl as a career, tsk tsk...dats a tough one. Is she really an influential blogger? So dis is d new character d youngsters look up to? I feel like its more like a blogger trapped in a circus cage, oblivious to d surrounding dat ppl are laughing, jeering at her, mistook it for genuine fans. God bless her in long run.

    So for nw lets juz enjoy d free entertainment aka comedy performed by her shall we? We as adults, shld knw hw to differentiate wats right frm wrong :) Peace!

  9. Gosh, the more i read ur blog, the more i wanna be like u. I totally agree with u. I have to admit, my english is not that great as well. Thanks to ppl like xiaxue, i feel small n am extra careful when i talk to ppl especially ang moh or educated ppl. I will ten to think n rehearse it first in my mind before saying it out.

    Thanks Nura! Ur words are superb. Ur a great mum n women but hmmm... not so much for ur young days acting though. :D (please dont be angry) but i still envy u!

  10. Hi Nura,

    as someone who came from ITE and now graduating from poly, i feel insulted that there are STILL people out there who thinks that ITE is THE END.. because its definitely not. Truth is, it was in ITE that i felt i learn the most and i could relate whatever that was taught to me to real-life work situation.

    its one thing to be book smart but it takes ALOT more to be street smart!

  11. Can you please ur mother in law not to vote PAP... thkS

  12. good post!
    She's just brainless. She claim that she's smart.
    But look at her Olevel major screw up and got a diploma after that. University? NO SPACE FOR HER. She thinks that her PSLE is everything. She should just try getting a job with her PSLE certificate and see who bothers employing her. And her PSLE is like ancient times already. MOE standard goes up every year.

  13. Bravo Nura..i have been an avid follower of ur blog n finally i think i should comment!! :))!!
    I, totally, support you!!! I go to XX blog and go wah easy life a but got totally turned off when i read her latest political rants.. Like how stupid singaporeans can just f*ck ourselves...very comment tak lah mulut tempayan..tong kosong lah yang banyak memekak...

  14. Despite not having stellar academic records, Salim has got self got to give credits to him . He is brave enough to speak up..which is not everyone's forte...

    Unlike that bitch who has none... had to resort to dyeing her hair blond and piling on thick make-up and her colourful eyes just to "present" herself to the world....

  15. Well, Xiaxue may be feeling very invincible now but the day when she meets her downfall, I will be the first to clap my hands.

  16. She's going on and on about having an IQ of 148. Yerlah IQ mmg 148 tapi EQ zilch! I met her once at Teban, smiled at her but was snubbed instead. No manners!

  17. At least he had the guts and dreams of leading a country. I always believed that your educational background does not have a direct correlation to your being an emphathetic citizen. Sure, having an impressive CV is important, but what's more important is how you can move the hearts of the people. I'm about to complete my final year in university now, and throughout my years of being in university, I can tell you that people can generally be very selfish and unemphathetic.