Thursday, April 7, 2011

What lies beneath

I am growing out my bangs.

As much as I am tempted to cut 'em, I decided against it because beneath those a family of pimples.

And then I read somewhere that bangs can cause forehead acne leh!


O man. :((((

So, lately I've resorted to exposing my forehead.

Minimise hair contact on my forehead as much as I can to repair my skin since the natural oils in hair can make pimples more difficult to control.

Dont mind that eyebrow ah.

My younger bro, Jambi, hates to see me wear the headbands...As if I care lor.

"Wahlau Kin, your forehead is so wide. I'm so tempted to slap it."

So rude one.

Anyway, I was very worried, called up my beauty sponsor, Harnie, and she summoned me to come to her aesthetic hut pronto.

Immediately, her therapists worked on my 'sick' face.

Massage...Next time, longer k! Steaming process. Bye Bye bad well as making the extraction process easier.

Honestly, the extraction process was a little bit uncomfortable and painful. Now I know why they put cotton wool/tissue on my eyes....:to soak up my tears! Hahaha!

I was also worried that there would be redness on my skin after the facial, although I was reassured by Diana that mask would be applied right after and it would soothe the skin. She was right. The mask was so cooling on the face.

Post- treatment, I didn’t see any redness. Phew! My forehead area was also less bumpy and clearer. It has been about a week and I did not suffer from any breakout...although I was advised to come again for another follow up treatment next week. I sure come one Harnie!Knowing that I've been real busy with the upcoming book the past few weeks, Harnie was also sweet enough to let me try the "Intensive Eye Care treatment". Macam tau je I've been having little sleep lately. Thanks Harnie!

And ladies, the kind Harnie has come up with 'Intensive Eye Care PLUS Hydrating Facial" Promotion this month for my lovely readers. Only $75!

Go for it, I say!

Those of you in need of pampering do call 6 392 0623 to book an appointment (slots available on a first- come-first -serve basis) and make your way to Harnie’s Beauty located at 6A Jalan Pisang. (After that, go ZamZam eat martabak. Hehehe!)

Have a relaxing time there, dearies because ya'all deserve it! :)

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