Monday, April 25, 2011

CCBook :)

Hey all!
I am at the library now doing as much work as possible before my parents pass back Nyla to me.
Nyla spent the night with them.
Last night, she just refused to go home with me and Mr E... (much to our delight! Nyeyeheheheheeheheh!)

Anyway, I have a meeting with the peeps from Jurong Bird Park tomorrow as we finalise the details of the book launch of Chickchickaboomz!
As much as we will be celebrating Nyla's 6th birthday on 21 May, we will also be celebrating the 'birth' of our 2nd book, Chickchickaboomz.
Very exciting, indeed.

Really heartwarming to also have the peeps from Julia Gabriel Centre for Learning on board on that special day.
Their extremely talented educators, Shane and Frances, will delight audiences with their special style of interactive storytelling using music, songs and drama.
They will also be 'training' Nyla because she is going to be included in the storytelling session.

I think I should also let you know more about Chickchickaboomz.

With The Big Good Wolf, Nyla would like to eliminate the negative attitudes towards wolves in general.
In The Three Little Pigs.. wolf 'ngap' the plump piggies.
In The Little Red Riding Hood...wolf' ngap' the grandma (Then spit her out. Boleh gitu?!)
In The Boy who cried Wolf.... wolf 'ngap' the sheep.

And then with Chickchickaboomz, Nyla specifically told me she wanted her next story to be about a family of animals.
Now, I could just leave it as that. A normal entertaining read.

However, as an educator who is obsessed with learning outcomes, I feel that I could 'add more stuff' to Chickchickaboomz.
Hence, I decided that Chickchickaboomz be an edu-taining read.

Nyla has done a fantastic job with the story part.
Mommy Nura will add fun facts about ostriches on every page.

Here is an example...



What I have shown you is just 1 fact.
There are going to be more fun Ostrich facts you never knew in the later pages!
Really interesting stuff.

When I read the book aloud to Nyla's classmates at Chiltern House, their eyes widened everytime I shared with them a fun fact about ostriches.

Peeps, here are the confirmed details of our book launch!

Venue: Song Bird Terrace, Flamingo View at Jurong Bird Park

Date: Saturday 21 May, 2011

Time: 2.30 P.M to 3.45 P.M

And, if you love animals and are passionate about wildlife conservation just like Nyla, do join her in her quest in conserving endangered native wildlife as well as taking care of the natural environment so that wildlife will have a habitat.
50 percent sales proceeds of Chickchickaboomz on 21 May at the Jurong Bird Park will be donated to the Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund! :)

Do join their Facebook Page here for updates about Jurong Bird Park...Singapore Zoo, Night Safari..!/

So when you head to Jurong Bird Park with your family this 21 May, there are just so many things to see and do! Gonna be a memorable experience for our kids, definitely.

Do start early ya!
Come I plan for you your itinerary....

10.30A.M.: Reach and buy admission tickets.
11.00A.M.: Birds and Buddies Show
11.30 A.M. - 1.30 P.M. : Walk around Pelican Cove....Parrot Paradise...Penguin Coast..Swan Lake...Dinosaur Descendants (Got Chickchickaboomz here! Heee!) etc...
1.30 P.M. - 2.30 P.M. : Lunch and recharge.
4.00 P.M.: Kings of the Skies Show (Newly launched!)

Your children will get to see their favourite feathered friends....learn more about them...have fun at bird entertained during the book launch with the interactive storytelling session...and also do their part in conserving endangered native wildlife as well as taking care of the natural environment, so that wildlife will have a habitat!

We cannot wait to see you and your kiddos on 21 May! :)

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