Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Teachers' "Bonus"

Good Morning!
Am back from Bintan. Went there with the whole family and it was so fun! (Except the fireflies experience! So scary mary can?!)
Nyla and I will blog about our Bintan trip soon.

Anyway, was doing work earlier when Mr E emailed me some funny stuff.
Thought I'd share with you and put a smile on your faces. Heee!


And this one is my favourite!
Ni Peter really mintak kena terajang!
May today be a great day for us all!


  1. Hahahaha! Love the last one.. Good one peter! =p

  2. That Peter is actually my classmate. HAHAHAHA!! Cikgu naik darah dgn dier. This is what he did during N level prelim. There's another one that he did on history paper. Lagi cekik darah. Shall email you if i found it.