Monday, January 10, 2011

Shakin' & Rollin' Good Times

Nyla has already blogged about this event over at her blog.
It's mommy's turn now.
The only downside to Nyla blogging is my entry always seemed second best one.

The first time this happened was when I wanted to blog about our great time at Tanjong Pinang last December.
The moment Nyla heard that I had expressed interest in blogging about Tanjong Pinang, she immediately sat down, wrote the entry in her blogging book and asked me to help select the pictures with her.
It took her less than an hour to get that entry published since her rantings are short and sharp!

Ok so as you already know, we had a story telling session over at Woodlands Regional Library last Saturday in conjunction with the Asian Children's Festival.
Last year, I was also a 'participant' during the Asian Children's Festival by sharing with the other mommies and daddies how I use New Media to interact with Nyla at the "Be a New Media Parent" workshop.

This year, it was a much easier task for me since I had my 2 sidekicks, Nyla and Haryani.

And Nyla is wearing my vest.
Initially I was wearing a white top with that vest she was wearing.
She got jealous because according to her I looked prettier.
I asked what would make her happy. Her reply "You give that vest to me la. I'm so plain."

So I sacrificed because I didn't want Nyla to sabo me during the storytelling session.

During our farewell, Nyla was a lil clingy to Haryani. She hugged her once, bade goodbye and then ran to Haryani again for a second hug. "Aunty Haryani is so comfortable!" Nyla told me. Real sweet!

So, the deal was for me and Nyla to read "The Big Good Wolf" aloud (Nyla was the voice of the main character, Isabella)

while my babester, Haryani lead a sing along session.

And then both Haryani and myself would unleash our little audience's powerful imagination together by asking them to help us write the ending of our fractured fairy tale titled, "Sleeping Doggy"

Can you spot Nyla? She decided to 'resign' from her duty and join the audience in writing the ending of "The Sleeping Doggy."

I am all for 'involved' parents! Gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling!

Another mommy discussing with her children...
And background, Nyla posing posing with her buddy Shiqah.
Focus Nyla Focus! Tsk Tsk!

Parents and children unite to try and come up with the most creative ending because we told them we would have a 'gift-away'. :)

The top 3 most creative kiddos each went home with "The Big Good Wolf' book worth $15.99.

So this was the unfinished story all of us created together...

Once upon a time, there was a dog named Pinocchio. Pinochhio worked in a castle as a guard. It looked after the treasure in the castle. One day, an evil vampire put magic sleeping potion into Pinocchio's food. Pinocchio fell into a deep sleep.....

And big congratulations to LI YUE for his creative ending.

Everybody in the castle was worried. The king said, "What if our enemies come and steal all our treasure?"
Nobody dared to fall asleep. Then a hero appeared! Miqa was his name. He said, "No one other than me has the power to wake Pinocchio up!" To everyone's surprise, Miqa played Lady Gaga's music (Must be Bad Romance song). The next moment, everyone heard "Woof! Woof! Woof!" That is Pinocchio's favourite song! Hip Hip Hurray! Miqa saved the day!
Ok dokies! So our next library pit stop will be SENGKANG LIBRARY yo!
We will be roping in my partner as well, Jenn for she is also a drama mama.

A full hour of fulfilling kind of fun it shall be again. :)
See you next Sunday 3pm at Sengkang Library parents and kiddos aged 4-8!