Friday, December 3, 2010

Lil Things that matter

Really, Mr E and I feel immensely grateful to the organisers of "Aku Nak Kahwin" Symposium for inviting the both of us as speakers because we truly had a blast reminiscing ol times.
It's just amazing how quickly one 'forgets' the very early stages of our romance during the courtship. Truth be told, the 'butterflies in the tummy' kinda feeling is no longer there :( BUT essence of love is still very much alive in both of us.

Been reading up alot on marriage and then I came across a page which asks "How well do you know your spouse?"
Now, we often assume that we know our partners really well.

So during his lunchtime, Mr E and I have been exchanging emails about our favourite things.

Mr E: Like sitting for a test like that...
Me: No la...It's sharing and learning time.

Mr E's top 10 Favourite Things

Here are MY answers!
(Words in green=corrections/input by him!)

Food: Malay Dishes
Beverage: Coffee
Dessert: Chocolate (The more nuts, the better...That's why he's nuts!)
TV Show: V
Actor: Jalaluddin Hassan :p (MORGAN FREEMAN)
Actress: Renee Zellweger (MICHALE PHIFER) --------Oi! At least, get the spelling of her name right leh!
Singer/Group: Jon Bon Jovi
Sport: Soccer
Team: Manchester United
Hobby: Scratch feet (AND fart at Nyla's face) -____________-

NURA's SCORE: 8/10

Nura's top 10 Favourite Things

Here are HIS answers!
(My input in green!)

Food: Western /Jap Food
Beverage: Green Tea
Dessert: Ice Kachang (No dairy) (AND esp, NO KACANGS!)---1/2 mark.
TV Show: Whatever on E channel
Actor: That hunk from Twilight, Robert Petterson. (It's ROBERT PATTINSON!)....but now, I like Josh Duhamel..
Actress: Julia Roberts
Singer/Group: American Idol winner- forgot his name but he's a nyah. (lol! ADAM LAMBERT ler!)
Sport: Finger exercise pressing IPhone (lol! Wrong! I like running.)
Team: better be Manchester United
Hobby: Twitter 24/7 (;PPPPP)

MR E's SCORE: 8 1/2 out of 10

So where are we getting it?
Sometimes, it's the little things that matter because they say "I'm thinking about you, my lup!"
Example, I'll surely smile if I see an Iced Green Tea on the table. (Without asking you to buy it for me, Mr E. Auto k!)
Let's rock the marriage thingy at Republic Poly tomorrow, partner!
Ok Go!