Monday, October 18, 2010

The Excluzif Maxi AND Mini Togas

Good Monday morning my ladies! ;)

When I first launched my line of the excluzif toga maxi dresses last June (specifically 28th June), I also mentioned this: "We will be bringing in more colours and other kinds of toga designs. Think toga mini dresses/tops. :)"
Sorry we took so long. :(
Designing a mini toga dress is not as easy as simply cutting the length of a maxi toga dress short.
My mom and I took more than a month cracking our heads and finally, we are confident to present our new range of toga dresses.

Before I present you the mini toga dresses, I would also like to feature new model, Hajar, who is shortlisted as one of FEMALE's 50 gorgeous people. First time I saw her was during the recent Charity Photoshoot and she is absolutely gorgeous in person as well as in photos. Jiayou Hajar!

Show this beauty some love and let's vote for her here:
Click on Hajar Najib! Make us proud gal! She will be blogging about her journey throughout the competition over at that site. Bet we will all be entertained because I love her personality!
Hajar definitely can carry off a toga dress very well. Thanks for rocking the dresses babe.

Hajar wearing "Vanilla" Cream Mini Toga dress.

And if you are shy of showing off your legs cos your legs got banyak sepuluh /dua puluh sen scars, do not fret cos you can wear these mini togas with a pair of jeans, leggings and stockings...

Me in "Midnight" Navy Blue Mini Toga dress which can also be a toga top.

Also, my million thanks to Sabarina for being a toga enthusiast. :) Ladies (and gentlemen!), if you want to smell good, please do visit Sabby's fragrance boutique. Her Gucci scents are popular!

Here, Sabby is wearing "Toothless" Black Mini Toga dress/top

(YES! inspired by the "How to train a dragon" movie. Thanks Nyla!)

Hajar wearing "Latte" Beige Mini Toga dress. Sabby in "Bright Pink" Mini Toga dress/top.

The Excluzif Mini Toga Dress is selling for $50 each.

Now, we cannot forget the 'pioneer' of the excluzif toga dresses: The Maxi dresses.
We also have some new colours for the maxi toga dresses.

Hajar wearing "Canary" Yellow Maxi Toga dress.

Sabby wearing "Latte" Beige Maxi Toga dress.

(Pssst, cik abang 'Chef' awak baru sms ke? Heh!)

I can bet with you my mother will surely smile BIG BIG one when she sees the picture below. Mommy, I'll don the tudung soon okay. Insyaallah.

Sabby wearing "Strawberry Milkshake" Maxi Toga dress/Me wearing "Bright Pink" Maxi Toga Dress.

The Excluzif Maxi Toga Dress is selling for $75 each.

Anyway, I have just created a simple multiply account just for you ladies. I thought it'd be easier to browse through the albums over there rather than having to search for toga related entries in my archives over here. So do proceed to

PS: All the colours featured in the albums are now available except "Angel" White, "Rose' Maroon and "Cool Mentos" Blue. So basically, you choose a colour you fancy and state whether you want a Maxi Or a Mini Toga Dress. :)

And I have good news for my hijab wearers- sistas! My mother has also voiced interest in sewing selendangs.(the big ala superman cape kind *giggles*) Way to go Mom! I'll support you one. Stay tuned for that okay sisters. Akan Datang! (Hope this puts a smile on your face sis Atee!)

Meanwhile, for a start you may want to purchase these beautiful selendangs. (Sabby wore a few!)

$12 per selendang.

*"OSCARS" Speech Time*

To Tina and Lily of Trasformazione, thank you for the make up and styling. Might I add that I am so blardy proud of the both of you for being the runway director/choreographer as well as make up artistes for the recent RMIT-SIM Pageant 2010! According to my brother, it was a blast. Congratulations sistas!

AND brothers Jali, Amran, Zahren and Azhar of RebelPixel Photography, thanks for clicking away under the hot sun.

Peeps, just to let you know, Trasformazione (Make up) and RebelPixel Team (Photography) work very closely together so if you would like to go for some make over or you are getting engaged/married, just contact them ya. You may wish to contact Tina at 90300365 or email Jali at

Don't be shy to contact them. Just say you read my blog as a "conversation starter". Hehehe!:)

More photos snapped by the RebelPixel Photography Team are available over at:

These peeps are really friendly, down to earth and gila. But most importantly they are really nice. Maciam a big happy family working together like that.

Speaking of family, must give my babe a pat on the back for being so creative in 'colour coding' the togas.

Not forgetting my talented mother who is sew terrific. :)

This tailoring toga business is indeed a "3 generations" of effort. No, not talking about my Bah, mom and Jambi in the above picture.

Am referring to my mom, myself and the curly wurly. Hehehe!

Okay ladies, you know what to do.

Go to , see what you like and then email me at

See you pretties over at my mailbox!