Friday, August 13, 2010


So VISA has collaborated with local banking partner, DBS Bank and public transport system EZ link to bring together not only various applications onto this Mascots Edition card but also, convenience to all of us! Woots!
The moment I showed this newly launched and awesome YOG DBS VISA Prepaid card to Nyla, she squealed and chanted, 'Oh Yeah...Oh Yeah...Oh Yeah...HEY!" complete with all the hand gestures.

So JJ Lin, ignore the flak. I think the young ones find your song catchy!

Mommy here of course was thrilled beause it meant one thing.
She actually recognised Lyo, (Lion of the Youth Olympics) the lion cub as one of the 2 mascots for the world's first Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.

As I read Lyo's personal biodata, I realised that Lyo and Nyla are pretty much alike man! LOL!

Me: He enjoys making friends from all over the world and learning about their different cultures. He is fun-loving....
Nyla: Like me ah! I am also friendly right, Mommy!
Me: Lyo's personal Motto is "Never say never."
Nyla: WHAT?! Lyo likes Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith's Karate Kid song "Never say never" also?!

In addition, both Nyla and Lyo's manes very the boomz. Heee!

Anyway, yeah, Nyla quickly took her wallet (Yes still the same Princesses wallet!) and happily slotted this "piece of history" into it.
Wah so young carry VISA card seyyyyy! Steady bom pi pi la babe!

Apart from the convenience of cashless spending, this YOG DBS VISA Prepaid card, which has no age or income limit, also doubles up as an EZ link card yo. :)

Hmmmm. Since Mommy will be doing the loading of cash into this card, it's only fair I use it as well!
So what's the deal between us?
I will use it whenever I am travelling on public transport.
Speaking of buses and trains, have you spotted me along with bloggers, Qiu Qiu and Joshua on buses?
Yeap for the HTC Wildfire Ad alright! Nice stuff.

Kapoh-ed this pic from Joshua's blog! :)

Now, back to the Mascots Edition DBS VISA Prepaid Card!
My babe activating the card.

Nyla, on the other hand, will use this card to make online purchases or just sign for her purchases outside. :)
Nyla, if you are a good girl, mommy will top up and you will be happily signing for your dresses, books, toys and food. (IF Mommy flashes the green light!)
Aint that great parents?! We have total control of this card since WE are the ones doing the 'topping up' of value. In addition to that, we can also track expenditure on the DBS website, allowing us to still keep a tab on what our kiddos have spent on. (Of course this would apply to older kids la huh!)

Accepted internationally and online, this DBS VISA Prepaid card can be used before, during and after the Games to make purhases wherever the VISA logo is displayed.
All you have to do is to continually load funds into it.

Nyla has always wanted a toy ironing board set and since we have sufficient value in it, I thought I should get her one using this VISA DBS Prepaid card later.
(Hopefully, she'll upgrade to the real one and help me out with the ironing load. Hah!)

So peeps, if you intend to get this for yourself or your kiddos, this Mascots Edition card is already offered for sale to the public. Cards can be purchased via, AXS stations,DBS/POSB branches and SingPost branches located islandwide. Each card comes with a pre loaded value of $5 and remember since it is a prepaid card, if you want to sign for your purchases, make sure there is sufficient value! :)

So basically, simply top up and happy shopping (here and abroad) AND travelling (on bus/ MRT/cab) :)