Friday, August 13, 2010

Good Deeds

A BUS commuter died on Friday after the crane boom of a lorry smashed into the upper deck of the bus he was in. The 5m-long crane mounted on the bed of the lorry smashed through the left upper deck of Bus Service No. 87. at around 3.30pm on Friday. The impact ripped windows, warped steel and sent shattered glass all over the commuters as the bus continued to move for about 20m before it screeched to a halt. The dead commuter, 50-year-old Ahmad Lispa, was killed in his seat. His bloodied body was found slumped in a crumpled section at the rear of the upper deck. :-------(

Mr Ahmad Lispa leaves behind his wife and four sons, 2 of which has kidney failure/problems, and the youngest son still in primary school. He was the sole breadwinner of his family. :(

When Tina of Trasformazione suggested doing a charity photoshoot last weekend to raise funds for the late Mr Ahmad's family, I did not hesitate in doing my bit.
It was indeed heartwarming to see so many photographers, make up artistes and models in action at Labrador Park last weekend.
All with one purpose: To help.

In that just one day, we managed to raise $1000!

Tina paid a visit to family of the late Mr Ahmad the very next day to hand over the cash. :)

The late Mr Ahmad's family with the organisers of the charity photoshoot : Tina and Lily of Trasformazione.

Come let me show you some of the awesome shots taken by the talented Rebel Pixel team.

Nyla also doing her bit for charity that day.
Jali, thank you for entertaining my babe! :)

My 'Toga Terrific' ladies.

Toga Terrific Trio yo! :)

Indeed, I'm honoured to be part of the charity photoshoot which gave me a sense of spiritual fulfillment in entrepreneurship where we make use of our expertise (be it photography, make up, modelling, blog hits etc) and simply, help others.

Speaking of help and entrepreneurship, I would also like to do my bit to support Sabarina's fragrance business over at

And my special mention to Mr E's cousin, Kak Lyanah.

Few weeks ago, she actually looked after Nyla for me while I was at home teaching tuition and man, did Nyla have 1 rollin good time with Syamirul and Kakak Syirah.
The day before that, I casually mentioned that I was craving for her ultra yumsy Almond Honey Cornflakes.
When I came to pick Nyla up, I was very pleasantly surprsied by one, the aroma!...two, she actually baked those yummy almond honey cornflakes for me! and 3, I was most touched to know that Nyla had a very 'meaningful' kind of fun over at her place.

Thank you for the baking lesson, Kak Ana!

Yeap, that's my half empty container alright! Muahahaha!

Kak Ana, if you're reading this,
I think it is only right that I repay your kindness by sharing the goodness of your awesome Honey Almond Cornflakes with my lovely readers :)
Peeps, please feel free to email Kak Ana for further enquiries at if you are craving for Honey Almond Cornflakes or would like to serve these to your guests during Hari Raya.

I think this is what that keeps me going too.
The hope of being able to help and encourage other aspiring entrepreneurs. :)
I personally find it to be fantastically fulfilling.
I need to constantly remind myself that it also can't all be about profits or just acting on any opportunity that comes by.
What a great way indeed to start the holy month of Ramadhan, the month of fasting, prayer, good deeds and charitable giving.
Ramadhan Mubarak to my fellow Muslim readers. :)