Saturday, August 7, 2010

10 things WE do to ANNOY each other

So Mr E and I decided that we should combine our top 10 annoying habits.
Which means 5 would come from me and the rest from him.
Fair and square.

Mr E: What! Only FIVE. I have a long list you know, babe.
Me: Please don't tunjuk terror here hor. Good enough I let you have your say here in my blog.

Here's mine:

5 things Mr E does to annoy me.

1. When he feels like eating when I don't feel like cooking and when he does not feel like eating at home when I want to be Martha Stewart. Might I also add that Mr E is a coffee addict. He is the kind who uses multiple coffee mugs. Mr E, please eh. Just because you know that I love washing dishes, you need to know this: I don't love it thatttt much.

2.Now, I am a morning person and I've always envisioned my weekend mornings to be spent at West Coast Park or Madonalds /KFC/ coffeeshop for some nice family breakfast. Though I must thank Mr E for occassionally granting this wish of mine once in a blue moon, most times, he would rather be in bed. Trust me. To wake him up would be like waking up a corpse. Ideal rise and shine time for him during the weekend would be 2pm. :S

3.His dirty clothes. Oh man. They are everywhere. If he feels like stripping in the bedroom, on the bedroom floor the clothes shall be. Sometimes, he will even hang his used shirt around the dining chair, leave it on the couch, in the toilet. NEVER in the laundry bag. He takes off his socks every evening when he comes home from work so that he can scratch his feet. SCRATCH, SCRATCH, SCRATCH. You would think he had fleas or something. Then he leaves the socks on the floor for Bibik Nura to pick up.

4.As much as we love our kids and as cute as they are all the time, they’re even cuter when they’re sleeping because that would actually allow us to do a bit of reading, watching television...basically savouring our me time, right mommies?! Mr E can get reaaallllllllllllllly irritating because whenever Nyla is sleeping, I would obviously look forward to getting on the computer or watching Desperate Housewives. Well, just as I began to do that, my husband would go over to Nyla, give her peck...then a few kisses followed by a ROMOS when he decides that he just can’t help himself and absolutely must kiss the kerinting all over. Needless to say, this would wake her up and she immediately began crying. And guess what did my husband do then? Yeah you guessed it. He would hand her to me and he would be the one having 1 ball of a time watching TV as I become imprisoned in the bedroom and at the same time would end up sleeping with Nyla.

5.Even when we're sleeping, he annoys me. If during the first year of marriage, he'd tuck me in nicely, making sure I'm all warm and comfortable under the blanket. Now, he has turned selfish. He makes sure HE is feeling comfortable. I'd wake up in the middle of the night shivering only to discover that my other half has cocooned himself so tight.

Ok peeps, let's hear Mr E's side of the story now.

(Now because this is MY blog, I have the right to add comments. *BEAMS*)

5 things my wifey does to annoy me

1. Her poor sense of direction, be it during daytime or night. The irritating part is every single time, she damn confident...will tell me to turn left....then go straight....turn right.......long pause followed by Eh I really thought this way leh. I'm not sure la Dy. Sorry! You just drive la. Sure reach one.

(At least I apologise everytime mah....)

2. Toothpaste tube. Pressing of toothpaste starts from the bottom of the tube, my dear. Not squeeze from top.

(Ya eleh. Ngada ngada. Dulu time honeymoon tak complain about this ponnnnnn!)

3.Yes, my wife has very big and beautiful eyes. If you must know, she sleeps with her eyes half open and will scare the shit out of me everytime I need to pee in the middle of the night.

(Ohhhhh! Last time you found this very CUTE and now you say I 'scare the shit" out of you. Very goooodddd!)

4. Her kancheongness on the road even when she is not the one driving. If she finds the bus too near the car, she'll panic and scream and transfer her 'negative energy' to me. Should there be an accident, it's her I blame.

(Fine lor. It's me you blame. But it's you who pay. Kwang kwang kwang.)

5. She always gives instructions.

(Whatever happened to "Everything I do, I do it for you" huh huh huh?)

So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed our entry!