Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oral Communication Skills Enhanced!

So Jenn and I conducted 2 workshops over the National Day weekend and truly we were such an energized and excited pair sharing as much as we can/know/experienced concerning the Oral exam.
Hi 5 atcha girlfriend!
And we are really satisfied because the feedback and participation given by the parents and children are positive.
They are such a sporting bunch! Cool stuff.

The aim of the Oral Communication Workshop was simply to discuss as well as guide the children on how to be confident communicators and of course ace in the PSLE Oral Exams.
Our children will be 'going for war' tomorrow and Friday and Jenn and I are not going to GASP because our kids here are well equipped thanks to their sense of self motivation and parents' encouragement.

Let me share with you an email feedback by Mdm Haryanty.

Hello Nura,
Hope u had a wonderful holiday! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for organizing this workshop. 2 thumbs up for making it a FUN one!!!! Nurin & myself have indeed gained an in-depth knowledge of what oral exams are all about. I can now guide Nurin better in her picture conversation (discussion) using D-I-E. We also know what the do's & don't's are. And thank you too for sharing your real life experiences that u had with previous students. They are very beneficial to us. But i feel that 2 hours is not enough :( Nevertheless, I find the class size just right :) And most importantly, thank you so much for making time to have the mock up oral for the students.
Kudos to both u & Jenn! From the session, we get to witness how our child "perform" & more or less gauge their potential.
Here's something I wish to share with u. That Sat nite itself, Nurin actually recorded her reading aloud & re-played to hear how she sounded with her consonants! Excellent isn't it? It only proves that the workshop has done a miraculous impact on Nurin! I am amazed! Thanks once again! I'm praying for the best for Nurin's PSLE!

Again, thank you Mdm Haryanty as well as the other mommies and daddy for being very involved in your child's academic journey.
And so, Jenn and I are confident that our tutees as well as workshop attendees will surely ace one la huh!

After the session, Jenn and I decided that we give these kids a mock oral exam so that their parents and they themselves will know what are the areas for improvement for tomorrow and Friday's real exam. :)

Special mention to Mr E's nieces. Farha and Shofi for assisting us!
Anyway Jenn and I would like to wish our children:
Aaron, Afiq, Aimann, Amirah, Daphne, Desiree, Devaraj, Ezzqandar, Hannan, Kai Yang, Kang Teng, Leong Heng, Nadhirah, Nur Farah, Nurin, Rynastasia, San Jun, Shu Yi, Syafiq, Wen Hui and Zhi Xian the VERY BEST OF LUCK tomorrow and Friday.
I know most of you will feel nervous and here, I would like to share with you a Reader's Digest article I read about how Aussie comic, Marty Wilson tackles nervousness. Marty has impressed upon his son, Connor, that nerves aren't scary- they're just newfeelings.
On his first day of school, Connor told himself he didn't feel scared, he just had a 'newfeeling' and knew this was a normal and natural thing to feel. :)
According to Marty, "this doesn't make the adrenaline go away, but it reframes it and lets me see it as normal-not scary- thing."
So kids, tomorrow, you don't have knots/butterflies in your tummy, you have newfeelings. :)
Just be yourself and enjoy your 5 minutes with the oral examiners. Wow them with your personality! :)

Annnnnddddd, don't forget the D.I.E method hokay. Heeee! Bang Bang!
PS: Good news! A writing workshop is coming right up yo! Stay tuned for this. Jenn and I are tying up the loose ends, once we are 100% ready, we'll reveal the date and venue. Meanwhile, yes it is still going to be a PARENT PLUS CHILD workshop! :)
Pls keep the suggestions coming lovies. :)