Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I have a confession to make.
Sometimes when I walk with my daughter, I do get slightly embarrassed because my girl selects her own clothing.

I do get frustrated sometimes and argue with her but 99.9% of the time, I let her be because I have come to realise that dressing up independently is a form of individual expression and also Nyla had a very valid point when a few days ago she cried,"How come you get to choose your own clothes and I don't? So unfair!" ('unfair' is officially the word of the month!)

Mr E jumped to her rescue, pacified her and told her to wear what she wanted to wear.

So that evening, someone looked amazingly ridiculous with her baju kurung top, jeans and boots combi and the whole time she actually thought she rocked it because she made heads turn. :S

Anyway, sometimes, she passes with flying colours. (especially when she tries to copy me and try and look as alike as possible as her mommy. Heeee!)

Aiyo, Nyla's maternal instincts kicked in real early so now she's a proud mommy of one which makes me a premature granny. Everywhere I must bring along my cucu.

If you think, Nyla and I are battle free on schooldays, oh you're so wrong. I have always impressed upon Nyla to think different and be different and yeap, this girl has taken this concept of thinking out of the box a little too far.

Have you ever seen a girl wear a veil to school?

If you have, trust me, the girl you saw was definitely my daughter.

She wore her mommy's pearl necklace to school.

Gasps! Nyla oh Nyla! Only ah peks wear the socks and sandals combo leh babe.

When we are outside, Nyla tries to be as creative as possible and
transform a normal round neck t-shirt into an off shoulder top. Tadaaaa!

Nyla's version of mix and match. In my opinion, its a mix and MISmatch.

Spot the ring on her finger! Faints!

Even at home, she likes to play dress up.

She pestered me to buy this dress while we were shopping at KL.
I asked her what was so beautiful about this dress and her reply?
Nyla:"This dress sweeps the floor mommy! We can play princess princess and marry marry."

Wash dishes also must wear fancy clothes...

And like all the makciks in the world, Nyla decided that a butterfly dress is also a must have in her wardrobe.

Well whatever it is, Nyla and I will not fight during Hari Raya because she was the one who chose the fabric and mommy here gave 2 thumbs up! :)

Speaking of Hari Raya, everytime I see Nyla's First Girl TV ads on Suria, I will never fail to laugh. The way she smiles....the way she tilts her head during her poses, it seems this little makcik truly had one big ball of a time!