Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mr E has some gastric problems/indigestion issues which will cause him to burp, burp and burp.
Yeah, most of the times, he is considerate and will blow it in the opposite direction so I don't have to suffer.

The month of Ramadhan is nearing and he is of course worried that he might not be able to fast because he has to pop in food in his mouth frequently so that his stomach will not act up.
Now, ever since we got married, I've trained him to get used to having bread, cereal, coffee and fruits for Sahur. If we are lucky, there would be a spread of dishes. (This will happen only when we buka at our mom's the evening before. Heee!)

Mr E: I know how to solve this problem.
Me: How?
Mr E: I'll have heavy sahur. Must have rice.
Me (perspiring) : WAH! If rice, surely accompanied by dishes lehhhh. Wah piangs.

I've just mentioned this on Twitter and Facebook.
I am seriously considering staying over at my in laws' for the first 2 weeks of Ramadhan and then at my parents' for the next 2 weeks.
Mr E and Nyla, pack luggage jom.

Ok my next entry will be 10 things we do to annoy each other.
Mr E will be a guest blogger.
Must be fair and square.

Mr E: You think you not annoying is it?
Me: Wah! Wanna challenge huh!

Let's bring it onnnnnn!