Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nura J the Tailor?

Ok so finally, orders for the toga dresses have come to a close.
Those who have missed the deadline, please don't fret.
I am always a click away.
You may continue to email me to order a toga dress should you have any special functions to attend. :)

But for now, please do let my moms work their magic on the tsunami of orders.
Here, I should also add in another occupation to my portfolio.
I am an assistant tailor.
There is this particular saying,
Give a man a fish, you have fed him for today.
Teach a man to fish, and you have fed him for a lifetime.
This is the thing with my mom.
She is right now giving me sewing lessons.
So far, I'm having a great time.
I've never imagined myself to be one who sits in front of a sewing machine, but yeah looking at the intensive training, I will not be surprised if I take in orders for Togas, Kebayas and Baju Kurungs in the coming years! LOL!
No la, that will never happen hor! I am so kidding! I don't even know how to sew a button! (This part, I ain't kidding!)

It is also nice to see that there are orders from fellow Hijab wearers who are impressed when Sabarina Abdullah hijabified the toga, infusing style and modesty. :)
Since the first launch, there were enquiries from you readers who asked if there would be any chance my bondas could add a sleeve to the current toga dress so that it becomes a long sleeved maxi lycra dress.
Babesies, 2 weeks ago, my mothers took the sugestions seriously and actually sat down together and created that particular long sleeved dress in mind and to my horror, it looked like a FREAKING BUTTERFLY DRESS!

So I told my mothers no way I'm going to de-class the classy togas and we scrapped the idea. :(
We'll think of something alright but for now, we are going niche and will only specialise in Togas.
We have some more beeyoootiiifuuul colours coming up.
Think pale pink and canary yellow!
Cheers ladies!