Saturday, July 24, 2010

The bibik has returned to her homeland last Thursday.
And man, goodbyes are hard. :(
The night before she left, Nyla told me to send her to school early.
She didn't want to go to the airport to see her Bibik off.

Well even though Nyla would be heartbroken to see Apriliyah off, my family and I felt that it is important for Nyla to be present at the airport for that sense of closure.

Nyla was very strong.
When we exchanged teary hugs with Apriliyah, Nyla was trying very hard to control her tears.
I knew she lost it when she told me to carry her and she buried her face in my chest. :(

My Thursdays are usually hectic beause I teach in the evenings and usually Nyla would spend time with Bibik.
Yesterday was an exception.
Seeing my girl sad, my parents and I suggested that a distraction would do Nyla good.

"Shall we go to JB?" asked my dad.
I called each of my tutees/their parents to inform them of the last minute tuition cancellation.
I am very fortunate to be blessed with such understanding children and parents. Thank you for the very kind understanding, mommies. Hugs!
So last Thursday, I cancelled tuition and Nyla skipped school.

And off we zoomed to JB.
My dad brought her to a pet shop where we spent a good 30 minutes admiring at fluffy cats, chipmunks, rabbits and hamsters.

Nyla also suggested buying fish for her Tok Daddy's 'pond' and her grandad bought 20 small fish, much to her delight.

Then yesterday happened to be my buddy, Hanin's off day and being the sweet person she is, she gave both Nyla and I a movie treat at Great World City. Distraction Number 2!
My first time there and thanks to my fellow twiterettes for your assistane when I twitted for help! Hehehe!
Nyla enjoyed Despicable Me very much.
Thanks Hanin! We had a wonderful time.

I also bought Pictureka at Great World City and Nyla and I played together before bedtime. Fun!

Well what are our plans for today?
Uh uh, not staying at home.
The 3 of us will probably head to Marina to catch the NDP rehearsals! :)
Distraction Number 3.
I must say these distractions do me good too because I've never considered Apriliyah as a helper. She has been a wonderful friend to me. You will be missed, April!
So yeah, anyway, have a good weekend bebehs. :)