Monday, July 19, 2010

The Excluzif Toga Maxi Dresses Part 2

After the overwhelming response to The Excluzif Toga Dresses, it seems that you ladies and I share one common rule when it comes to dressing.
Conceal our Flaws.
Complement our Figures.
Hi 5 la!
I,for one, am not not not a fan of tight fitting/figure hugging clothes because I do not have a flat tummy. Thanks ah Nyla!
Usually I'd play cheat and wear a corset just to squeeze and flatten those fats and trick you people into thinking I have a flat tummy. Hehehe! Sorry ah!

Another thing I like about a toga dress is that it channels a feminine vibe.
Very effortlessly chic, tasteful and not in your face kind of sexy.

As promised and mentioned earlier, I would like to present you the second batch of these Excluzif Toga Maxi Dresses!

Vibrant colours overload or whaaatttt!
Pretty hor?!

Anyway, I've roped in Nyla to label the colours so here goes.
Whatever in " " are her input.

From left:
First Row:
"Dolphin" Grey
"Soldier" Green
"Cool Mentos" Blue

Second Row:
"Chilli" Red
"Peachy" Orange
"Rose" Maroon

Third Row:
"Night" Navy Blue
"Pink Panther"

There is also one more thing I need to share. My spectrum of readers also include the hijab wearers. I received plenty of emails from my fellow sisters who expressed interest in the toga dress but were rather concerned about that one sleeveless side.
Anyway, I many not be a fashionista but I personally feel that it is all about combinations and hence, cracked my head thinking how to fuse style and modesty together.
I have approached, in my opinion 2 urban muslimahs, who are edgy in combining fashion with their faith.
They are Nursha and Sabarina.
Unfortunately, the past week was quite tough on Nursha and I thought I shouldn't disturb her. Anyway babe, hope you are feeling better and yes, I still want you to model The Excluzif Toga Maxi Dresses! :)
Sabarina, also an avid blogger over at rocked the togas, much to my mom's delight!
Sabarina, thank you for being part of The Excluzif Toga Dresses photoshoot.
Thank you for taking time off from your hectic schedule to do this. It means alot to us! Definitely not easy juggling school, tuition and an online business at
Super Sabby indeed! Heheheh!
So my urban and hip muslimahs out there, I would like to present you as well, the Hijabified Excluzif Toga Maxi dresses! Woot Woot!

What Sabarina did was she wore a long sleeved long dress (preferably basic colours like beige, white or black) and then slant her tudung (get the big kind of shawls!) to that 'sleeveless side'! So creative or whaaaatt! :)
Models: Jenn, Sabarina and I
Make up artist/Creative Direction: Tina (Trasformazione)
Photographer: Jali (RebelPixel Photography)
Location: My heaven on earth.

That's my sista, Tina from Trasformazione. A very experienced and passion driven make up artist, what I absolutely love about her make up is that it is simple and and never overly done. Besides painting faces to make people like me look beautiful, Tina is also always very heavily and readily involved in organising shoots and directing photography sessions. Together with her partner, Lily Adali, they offer various make up services from bridal make over, glam shots, cosplay and special events. So yeah, if you would like awesome Tina to glam you up, do not hesitate to sms/call her for enquiries. Her number is 90300365.
Or you may want to email her at
She's got her multiply site as well. Feel free to check out
The feeling rockstar guy beside Tina is Jali, better known as Jaliboy. I first met him during the Violin Girl photoshoot assignment I had with his RebelPixel team members and we hit it off right away! Hehe! He is definitely a brudder to me already. A very laid back relack jack kinda guy, anyone would feel comfortable with him.

So if you need a gerek and artistic photographer to capture your moments, I strongly recommend Jaliboy and his RebelPixel members whose snapshots can be viewed at and
The RebelPixel team just did a photoshoot with the gorgeous Azzah Fariha.
I've seen the shots and they are so Boomz! Jali is kind ehough to let me share with you readers 1 picture of the rocker chick. Niceeeeeeee.

And as I scrolled down the behind the scenes shots, I laughed out loud when I saw these lepak giler RebelPixel peeps letting their hair down after work!
Angel Rocker Amran appearing from the sky! Hah! Anyway, this jumping shot looks so effortless one!

Since the photoshoot was done at my home, Nyla was watching with envy as her mommy, Unty Jenn and Kakak Sabarina model. Everytime we changed, she'd go to Unkle Jali and pose for him. Too bad, Unty Tina was busy styling the adults so Nyla tried to be creative and did her own styling combining her pyjamas, shirt and kain telekong. Heheheheh!
Okay ladies, if you are interested in getting The Excluzif Toga Maxi Dresses and would like to place an order, do email me at
Tailoring orders of The Excluzif Toga Maxi dresses will close on Wednesday 21 July by 2pm!
Type: The Excluzif Toga Maxi Dress
Material: Lycra
Length (From Top to Bottom): 142cm
Size: Free (Fits S-L)
Price: $65 (includes registered mail)
Available colours are:
"Dolphin" Grey
"Soldier" Green
"Cool Mentos" Blue
"Chilli" Red
"Peachy" Orange
"Rose" Maroon
"Night" Navy Blue
"Pink Panther"
Nyla, thanks for labelling the colours of the toga dresses, partner!