Friday, July 30, 2010

Kampong Separap, Batu Pahat

So Ramadhan is in less than 2 weeks' time and already, I'm thinking about Raya.

O how fun Raya is when you have a child!
No, not so much about Nyla receiving those green packets making Mr E and I richer but really, Nyla is at the age where she knows that Hari Raya is fun!

She gets to wear fancy clothes.

She gets to drink those gassy drinks.

Come on. How can I expect her to drink plain water when her other cuzzies togok all those fruitade, coke and all. For a few days, close my eyes la hor. Ooooooiiii sedap, nak?

One thing I know is that Nyla especially looks forward to the kampong trip on the 2nd day of Raya.
Mr E's grandma's kampong, to be precise.
At Batu Pahat.

Balik kampong yo! Never mind that it is a lonnngggggggg drive.
She'll always end up sleeping anyway, on her cuzzies' laps.

That's my grandmother in law! :)
She is so cute, I so feel like squeezing her.
Everytime I go back to kampong, I'll ask her the same question:

Me: How old are you, nek?

And every year, she'll give the same answer.

Nenek: A long pause....... 65 I think.

Oh Nenek, how is that possible?
My father in law(her son) is already nearing 70 and you're 65! Hehehehe! Cute hor!

Anyway, yeah, back to the kampong trip.
I guess even Nyla loves the kampong atmosphere.

That's my Mat and Minah on scooter.
I gave Mr E a shelling after taking the picture. Where's the helmet on Nyla's head, Dy?!

This is the way to ride a scooter in Mesia yo!
4 in 1!
Too bad no basket, if not, that will be where Nyla sits. Heeeee!

You look like Charlie Chaplin here Nyla. Shofi, a durian head.
Plenty of kitty cats, much to Nyla's delight and Mommy's frustration.
So tiring having to sit cross legged and be on a constant lookout for the cats and not to mention, suffer from spasms whenever their tails brushed past me. EEEEEEKKK!

The only thing Nyla detests about kampong, I guess will be the toilets.

Shofi snapped this picture because she knew Nyla would spend less than 10 secs in it. How true.
Nyla wanted to poo but yeah, the toilet conditions are not conducive for her to do so and she gagged the moment she entered the toilet.

She just said this: "Mommy, never mind. I tahan. I'll poo when we reach home.

And with that she scooted away and reminded me to bring diapers the next time we go to kampong.

So this year, I'll be bringing pull ups for Nyla and adult diapers for Shofi and Farha and Mr E and myself. Heheheh!
Can't wait to see you Nek!