Friday, July 30, 2010

THREE more slots!

Hello all!
An update regarding the Oral Communication Workshop.

As the Oral Communication Workshop on the 8th August has now reached full capacity, we regret to inform you that we are unable to accept any further registrations. :(

However, there are still available spaces for the 7th August slot!

THREE more, to be precise.

So hurry you tag teams of parent and child!

Here are the details!

Workshop Trainers: Mdm Nura J-Esman and Miss Jennifer Ong

Date: 7 August 2010

Time: 2pm-4pm

Cost: $50 per pair (Parent + Child)

Venue: Harmony Room 1 at (Near Braddell MRT)

As ex M.O.E teachers (plus oral examiners for the past PSLE Oral) and current educational trainers, we know what your child needs to ace the Oral Exam.
So parents and children, join us in our Oral Communication Workshop as we transform your child (and you!) into CONFIDENT COMMUNICATORS, yo!

PS: PSLE ORAL EXAM is sooooonnnnnn!
The oral component's weighting is 15% of the whole English paper. Like what Jenn has mentioned in our video, this 15% can get a U grader out of the U grade and an A grader achieve his/her A*!

Getting panicky already? Don't fret.
Just email me at to register you and your child!