Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oral Communication Workshop

The lady beside me here is none other than Jennifer Ong, who is someone very very dear to me. :) and this picture was taken when we holidayed together at Bangkok where our wallets got pretty much burnt. Hehe.

I've always loved to be engaged in conversations with her because this prettyhead is also one hell of a smartyhead.
She is a a multi- talented lass whose conquests include Art, Drama, Photography , etc.
Yeah, very arty farty la this woman.

Like me, she is also a former teacher.
Of course, I wasted no time in securing her to join forces with me to run The Bottoms Up Club since I have known her to be a very driven person as well as an excellent teacher who exudes a ready wit and enthusiasm. :)
So when we had a meeting a few weeks ago, there were so many light bulb moments and we have decided to focus on just one particular idea we came up with since the PSLE Oral Examinations are coming up.

Jennifer is now an experienced workshop trainer.
I, on the other hand, am comfortable with public speaking considering the appearances I had over at ChannelNewsAsia/ 938Live and also the fact that I have conducted 2 'Be A New Media Parent' Workshops a few months ago.

Again, I would like to mention that these spinoffs would never have happened if it weren't for The Right Spin peeps.
I am eternally grateful to them for giving me opportunities that have enriched me.
Big Huggies to the team.

So, where was I?

The current P6 batch will be sitting for their oral examination on 19 August/20 August 2010.

That's real soon so Jenn and I sat down and decided that we give a crash preparation course to not only these P6 KIDS but to their PARENTS as well on how to ace the ORAL EXAMS!

Sometime ago, I was invited to attend an exclusive hands on workshop session at WowArt Studio (Again, God bless The Right Spin peeps!) and my, was I impressed at the fact that this particular workshop is the kind you go to with your children!
Talk about bonding, having fun and learning together!

Really, we should have more of such workshops where PARENTS AND CHILDREN attend together-gether. Hence, Jenn and I have mutually agreed that the workshops we will be conducting involve BOTH PARENT AND CHILD!
Back when I was in Primary Six, I used to hate it whenever my mom signed me up for workshops.
Think mind mapping kind of workshops!
So my mom would happily drop me off at the venue (thinking her daughter here would end up smarter while she savoured her me-time!) and expect me to have fun in a room filled with strangers and dull faces (I suspect those kids also share my sentiment!)
So parents if you're reading this, UH UH, you're not going to sign up your child ALONE for our Oral Communication Workshop! We have decided to rope YOU in as well!
Trust us, it is going to be a super duper fun workshop for adults and children alike.
On the 7th and 8th of August, Jenn and I will be sharing strategies on how your child can ace the oral examination!
Yes, we are now extending our invite to the non-bottoms uppers!

This Oral Workshop is suitable for Parents and Children who are in P4/P5and P6 BUTTTTTTT because the PSLE Oral Examination is nearing and some parents and their P6 kids are in panic mode, priority will be given to the P6 Parent-Child Duo!

So here's the deal peeps.


DATE: 7th AUGUST/8th AUGUST (choose 1)
TIME: 2pm-4pm

VENUE: To be confirmed.

PRICE: Parent and Child (Duo) :$50
Click here to watch our ad!

To register for our ORAL COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP, please email us either at or
Share this with your colleagues/khakis/relatives whose children are currently Primary Sixers since their PSLE Oral Exam is nearing.

Registration will close this Friday 30 July 2010.

Let Jenn and I help your child (and you!) be confident communicators and most importantly ace his/her upcoming PSLE Oral Examination in 2 weeks' time!