Thursday, May 13, 2010

WowArt on 938 Live 'The Living Room'

Earlier in the day, Nancy and Daniel from WowART Studio and I had a chat with Pam and Stanley from 938 Live's 'The Living Room'.

I've met Pam before (prior to the 'Be a new media parent' workshop in last November) but it was my first time chatting with Stan.
Just like Pam, he is a very nice person. :)

I shared with Pam and Stan about the positive and exciting experience Nyla and I had during the hands on session at WowART Studio few weeks back. Basically from the perspective of a parent.

I've also applied what I have learnt during the workshop at home.
If previously, I'd go 'Wow! So nice!' at EVERY of Nyla's art work, (Biased man me!) now I do away with those statements.
Instead I 'copied' the style of the Art instructor over at WowArt Studio and 'interrogated' Nyla, asking her questions about the choice of colour on her subject, basically treating as well as appreciating her masterpiece as the work of her creative mind.

Anyway, lately, there have been occasions when Nyla dismisses some art pieces (usually mine) as ugly or silly. (when she is in a not so good mood.)
Instead of saying 'Don't say that babe!' or 'You hurt my feelings!', I now ask for concrete reasons for the dismissal.
Well, I have mentioned this earlier.
Art is subjective and everyone is entitled to not only freedon of expression but also opinions. :)
So yeah, thanks again Nancy and Daniel of WowART Studio for making me a better Art cheecher at home.

Missed the 'live' morning broadcast?
Fret not!
Catch the repeat broadcast tonight between 11pm-12am!