Monday, March 9, 2009

Dressed by Daddy

Esman is usually 'in charge' of Nyla on Sunday afternoons when I work.
He'll usually bring her to the playground to build sandcastles, go kite-flying, swimming..etc. The outdoor stuff.
Of course, I feel very fortunate to have a full partner on the homefront .

Thus, I shall not criticise the inconsequential things like him dressing Nyla in mismatched outfits or colours.
How to get upset when he puts in effort into putting together the most ridiculous outfits for Nyla right?
I just do not have the heart to tell him.
I'll just cringe because I have to allow Nyla to walk around looking pretty silly.

I still remembered vividly when Esman and Nyla visited me at the campsite last year during the P5 camp.
I was so excited anticipating their arrival but when I saw Nyla very comfortably clad in her pyjamas, I had a jaw-dropping moment.
Of all the pyjamas Esman could choose, he chose the most berlapok one ever!
His excuse: Night time what! Nyamok gigit her, how?

Now, of course I do not expect my husband to dress my daughter up like a princess because I myself do not dress her up in very fancy clothes. Trust me, I tried putting pretty headbands on her head but she would yell,
" Mommmyyyyy, get this thing off my head! It hurts! I have a headache!"
So I just let her curly hair be free like a bird's nest.

As long as she is comfortable.
Now back to my dearest husband,I just need him to do the basics like putting clothes that are matching.
And so he tried and dressed her up in this.

Yes, they match! But they are home clothes, for heaven's sake!

Well, I guess I just have to console myself with the knowledge and just hope and pray that no one will ever think I was the one who dressed Nyla.
Ini belom kes Nyla nak dress up on her own! But I think she passed with flying colours lor!

This look was way better than Daddy's fashion, babe!

Well whatever it is honey, you're an amazing daddy...

And whether or not ,you make your babe look silly, she loves you very very very much. Always.