Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Feeling Under the Weather

So much to write but Nyla had been horribly sick the past week.
She was down with fever, flu and cough. Poor girl.
I went to the doctor thrice and on the third visit, the doctor advised us to bring her to the hospital due to prolonged fever.
In the end, the paediatrician did not give any medicine after confirming with a blood test that it was a viral fever.
She has since recovered. Alhamdullilah.

After missing school for 8 days, she was a bit apprehensive and jittery about going to school yesterday.
Maklomlah dah naik lemak di rumah selama seminggu!

Tis the season to be ill, I suppose.
I seem to be hearing people cough and sneeze everywhere I go.

Hmmm. Now, my throat is itchy and my body is starting to ache.....